A “Death To Israel” Rally In America?

This is just disgraceful:

“Members of Utah’s Jewish community are alarmed by a proposed demonstration that will call for “Death to Israel.”

A man – whose name wasn’t available Thursday – has applied for a free-speech permit from Salt Lake City to demonstrate on sidewalks near City Hall on Wednesday. The city is reviewing the application.

…(T)he police department has given its OK to the protest. Spokesman Joe Cyr said the group sponsoring the rally – listed as Center to Prevent Corporate Media Lying -has held demonstrations before. On average, about nine people show, he said. The permit application anticipates between nine and about 130 demonstrators.

“It’s not like they’re threatening to kill people,” Cyr said. “They’re just [expressing] their opinion.”

Shawn McDonough, the city’s special-events-coordinator, couldn’t confirm the group had demonstrated before. She expects to decide today whether to grant the permit.

…Mayor Rocky Anderson, who will speak at an anti-Bush rally on Wednesday, said he doesn’t know if the city will grant the Death to Israel permit.

”Do I agree with that sort of hateful expression? I don’t. It’s so reminiscent of the ‘Death to America’ slogans that we hear around so much of the militant Muslim world,” Anderson said.”

These anti-semitic pieces of human garbage, like their brethren in the KKK and Nazi Party, do have a First Amendment right to assemble and speak. But, we also have a right, thanks to the First Amendment, to say that they are anti-semitic pieces of human garbage. Still, just the idea of having a, “Death To Israel,” rally in a great country like the United States….ugh. It’s just outrageously offensive.

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