Gary Hart: Bush Is Going To Become Emperor!

Like most people, I normally pay little heed to Bill Clinton 1.0 AKA Gary Hart. But, Hart wrote a piece on the Huffington Post that was so vacuous that it deserved a response.

Hart discussed the, “demise of the ancient Roman Republic and its transition to the Roman Empire,” and specifically the Roman Emperor, Augustus, in order to compare him to Bush. He then talked about how Augustus took control of the military, the legal system, and used religion to sway the masses.

Here’s how, in Hart’s warped view, Julius Bushustus is taking the United States down the path towards dictatorship:

“In 21st century America the current government (the presidency and Congress of one party) has taken control not only of defense and military policy, but also military operations. No other administration, including that of Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War or Franklin Roosevelt in World War II, has ever done that. The unprecedented imposition of neoconservative ideology on military operations has led directly and inevitably to the debacle in Iraq.

In the last five years we have seen an effort by the current government to control the American judicial system by the appointment of ideologically selected judges. The unprecedented attempt to make the administration of justice the instrument of ideology is incompatible with the Constitution of the Republic whose flag we salute.

And, of course, the Republican party has been imaginative and innovative in its exploitation of religious sentiments. The unprecedented submission of social policy, and foreign policy in the Middle East, to religious fundamentalists violates the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and has weakened America in the world.”

Let’s take these in order:

#1) I’m not sure what he’s driving at on the military because the Democrats did control the Presidency and Congress during the 20th century. Moreover, how does this relate to Augustus? Is he trying to speculate that Bush is going to send the Marines into Massachusetts if they don’t get rid of Ted Kennedy?

#2) The President ALWAYS tries to appoint judges who share the judicial philosophy that he does. What’s new about that? Moreover, it’s the Democrats, not Republicans, who support a “living Constitution,” which means nothing more than ignoring the Constitution and ruling based on political ideology. Hart is correct about that being, “incompatible with the Constitution of the Republic whose flag we salute,” but he has his parties mixed up.

#3) I’m not sure how our, “social policy, and foreign policy in the Middle East” has been based on religious fundamentalism. Perhaps it’s a variation on the old, “war for oil,” theme. Instead, it’s a, “war for religion.” Oh, the things these lefties come up with just because they can’t intellectually comprehend that other people take terrorism seriously, even if they don’t feel the same way.

By the way, this drivel you’ve been reading from Hart comes from a man who was considered the front runner for the Democratic nomination for the Presidency in 1988 until he got caught having an extramarital affair on the good ship “Monkey Business.” So perhaps the fact that he’s now become so irrelevant that he’s stuck writing for the deathly dull Huffington Post beside the likes of Cenk Uygur, Cindy Sheehan, Deepak Chopra is an appropriate punishment.

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