A Faux Feminist’s Primal Scream

They just cannot help themselves (part – oh the heck with it, I’ve lost count).

Measured and rational dissent?

Phaaa. Not among the nutty left. Cintra Wilson of Salon on Sarah Palin:

I don’t want Sarah Palin being the representative leader and custodian of my rights, my Constitution and my country any more than I want polygamist compound leader Warren Jeffs baby-sitting for my preteen goddaughters.

As a woman who does not believe what Palin believes, the thought of such an opportunistic anti-female in the White House — in the Cheney chair, no less — is akin to ideological brain rape. What this Republican blowup doll does with her own insides in accord with her own faith is her business. But, like the worst and most terrifying of religious extremists, she seems very comfortable with the idea of imposing her own views on everyone else.

I did not think that women being downgraded to second-class, three-holed chattel would be a pressing concern in my lifetime. I thought it was like polio, or witch burning — an inhumane error that had already been corrected. But after eight years of Republican hegemony, and now the potential ascendance of this sheep in ewe’s clothing, I am so mortally offended I feel like it is really time for women to be angry, hardcore and disgusted again. Not just with old white Christian patriarchs and their hopelessly calcified, religiously condoned misogyny, but also with the self-abnegating, submissive female Uncle Tommies whose ambitions and eagerness to please the powerful males of their tribe are so desperate that they would sell out their sovereignty over their own bodies. And yours too.

How badly does this woman scare these faux feminists? Read those three paragraphs and marvel.

But check out this bit of “analysis”:

Sarah Palin, in this light, makes so little sense that she makes perfect sense. She speciously represents a new power paradigm of the Nice Mommy: the opposite of Hillary (the Mean Mommy), the opposite of Oprah (black, and therefore foreign), the opposite of Martha Stewart (another Mean Mommy). In her support for women on women’s issues, she has done everything but volunteer for her own circumcision. She tacitly promises a roll backward into old-fashioned sexual roles — like Old Testament-style old. Her morality is fixed, predictable and inflexible. There are those who will find comfort in the fact that they will know exactly what can be expected from Palin: Free will subordinated to obedience of an airtight, evangelical interpretation of the demands of God, country and Republican men.

Nice Mommy and Mean Mommy? Nothing repressed there.

But check out the “sexual roles” line. How does a woman who is the governor of a state and whose husband is the “first dude” “roll backward into old-fashioned sexual roles”? And especially “Old Testament-style old”? Does she even know what “old fashioned rolls” were? And especially “Old Testament-style old” would be? Can anything be more ludicrous than that claim?

Well yes – the next couple of lines: “Her morality is fixed, predictable and inflexible. Free will subordinated to obedience of an airtight, evangelical interpretation of the demands of God, country and Republican men.”

Yeah? Tell that to Frank Murkowski, Don Young and Ted Stevens.

By the way, my morality is “fixed, predictable and inflexible” as well. That’s why it’s called “morality”.

And why is “free will” necessary subordinated to the obedience of one’s morality if that morality is freely chosen and voluntarily followed? Sounds like an act of free will to me.

What you get out of all this is Palin’s authentic feminism terrifies this fake.

Sarah Palin and her virtual burqa have me and my friends retching into our handbags. She’s such a power-mad, backwater beauty-pageant casualty, it’s easy to write her off and make fun of her. But in reality I feel as horrified as a ghetto Jew watching the rise of National Socialism.

I’m sure this cretin thinks this is just the snarkiest and best put down of Sarah Palin yet to reach the reading public. The fact that it displays in living color how bankrupt the so-called feminist movement has become most likely didn’t even occur to her. If I had a handbag, I’d be retching in it after reading the vile hate in Wilson’s screed.

Camile Paglia succinctly identified this nutcase when she said:

A feminism that cannot admire the bravura under high pressure of the first woman governor of a frontier state isn’t worth a warm bucket of spit.

Nothing more than witch-trial hysteria.

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