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For all the feminist empowerment, they sure have problems with sex. And it goes without saying that the metrosexuals unfortunate enough to have to deal with these women are all befuddled, too. Sarah Palin turns strident feminists into church ladies clucking about her mothering. And she turns sex-starved metrosexual men on. (One of these metrosexual, intellectual men, a friend of mine, actually bought the Sarah Palin doll. No, I am not making this up. He’s not sure how to vote yet. But he digs Palin. A lot.)

Sarah Palin represents a “real” woman. She clearly likes men and fraternizes regularly with one hot one, her husband. She embraces the life-growing ability of her uterus and has used it for its intended purpose often in her twenty years of marriage. Far from being a freak of nature, she’s pretty normal for us fly-over folks. Sex, kids, men–conservative women tend to like these things. A lot. Two neighbors within yards of my house have five kids each. Don’t mess with these women. They are tough. And sexy. And smart (college educated). And, yes, Christian.

What about this sort of woman upsets feminists so? Maxed Out Mama hilariously ponders this:

They are, believe me, they are. When we flyover women dress you, you like to be dressed, if you know what I mean. Wink, wink. Believe me, hon, most American men remain slaves to their pocket rockets right through life. It is our job to make sure that they enjoy their time in service and to lengthen their service life. Pun intended.

So this is our platform, if it must be about sex:
Join us in the great sexual debauchery of Flyoverland. We, the women of flyover country, ask NYC and Boston and DC and even perhaps SF to send us your hordes of tired, huddled, feminist-taunted and feminist-daunted men. Because we like men, and we like sex, and that, my little puzzled denizens of Metrosexualdom, is and always has been a winning cultural and political platform.

Let’s not kid ourselves – the only people who won’t vote for lots of enjoyable sex are proctologists, due to the impaired profits.

Sarah Palin is sexy. She has demonstrable evidence that she has sex–at least five times. She’s tough. She’s smart. She’s self-deprecating. She works hard. She doesn’t put up with crap, therefore she must be a dominatrix, according to pointy heads.

About those pointy heads. Shrinkwrapped puts forth a theory as to why feminist women and the men cowed by them have such an issue with Governor Palin:

One example comes from the evolution of feminist studies. It never took a high IQ to puzzle out that women had the intellectual capacity to take part as full human beings in the workings of society, though it was certainly important (and remains important), to understand the roots and persistence of bias. It does not require a high IQ to know that a woman should be able to do any work of which she is capable and take part in any way she desires in a society founded on the principle of individual freedom. It does, however, require a very high IQ to discern (the modern feminist shibboleth) that there are no fundamental biologically derived differences between men and women and that gender is a social construct imposed upon the populace by the powerful for the interests of the powerful. That is an argument that requires volumes of erudite, often inscrutable, prose. As such, only the very brightest can actually wade through it, and only the very brightest can actually believe it. Sadly, those with lower IQs have only the knowledge gleaned from their own senses and experiences; if they believe there are, on average, real differences between men and women that is simply a testament to their intellectual limitations.

Shrink’s whole piece makes me laugh out loud because it states the obvious that is not so obvious to the pointy heads: our sexual organs and the hormones that drive them force different biological choices. To further state the obvious: a man cannot be impregnated, carry a baby, birth it and nurse it no matter how badly he wishes to do this. A woman cannot, unless she is a Soviet era German, compete with a man in the arena of physical power. It is also fair to say that women think differently than men. That is NOT to say they don’t think. This is obvious, right? I mean the feminists have made a bloodsport of men bashing, exploiting the way men are so stupid. That would imply that women are smart, because they think differently (read, better).

All this convoluted nonsense (which I covered in great detail here) makes for strange reactions when a woman who is comfortable with her biology is also comfortable with power. So feminist women attack Sarah Palin’s….biology so she doesn’t get the power.

Newsflash feminists: You do realize that this plays to a serious stereotype about women, right? Far from the sisterhood, feminists like to talk about, women are known for eating their own (pardon the pun). Territorial and catty, petty and jealous, heaven help the woman who is more beautiful, younger, smarter and gets the hot guy. And what have the feminists done? Displayed venom about their infringed territory, taken to disparaging Palins form and style, and generally degraded her. They sound jealous and threatened. And all women are diminished by their shameful behavior. Camille Paglia has been a notable exception.

Maybe the feminist women can let go of their identity politics and embrace the broad spectrum (pun intended) of what it can mean to be a woman. A fecund uterus is uniquely female. ladies. A man simply can’t do it. Why is it so threatening when a woman does?

For all the female-centricity, feminists seem exceedingly uncomfortable with sexy, fertile, powerful women. Those things can go together. Sarah Palin proves it. Feminists need to get back in touch with their uteri. Far from being the noose around a woman’s neck, the uterus is the seat of a woman’s literal creative power and it doesn’t have to interfere with her other creative powers either.

Feminists need to get okay with female sex and power. It’s liberating.

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