A Few Annoying Words And Phrases

This list of annoying words and phrases was inspired by Don’t Use These Expressions In My Vicinity Or I Won’t Be Responsible from RLC.

Articulate: If a white politician like Bill Clinton is articulate, you may compliment him by calling him articulate. But, if a black politician like Barack Obama is articulate, you may not compliment him by calling him articulate because it somehow implies that you don’t think black people are normally articulate. Of course, that doesn’t make much sense given that most people, black, white, brown, you name it, are not articulate. On the other hand, saying that a black politician isn’t articulate, for example, “Maxine Waters isn’t articulate,” apparently isn’t an insult — or maybe the easily offended among us are still trying to make up their minds about that. In any case, thank you Chris Rock for permanently screwing up the word articulate.

Beclowned: I’m not sure what excites people so much about this word, beclowned, but everywhere you look, there it is. It reminds me of how the word @sshat took off a while back. Well, let me tell you something, buddy, I have used the word @sshat and beclowned is no @sshat!

Climate Denialist: Leave it to the left to equate denying that the Nazis murdered millions of Jews to doubting that Al Gore’s predictions of what the weather will be like a hundred years hence are correct.

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Culture of Corruption: Setting aside the fact that the same people who beat this phrase into the ground last election cycle have William Jefferson sitting on the Homeland Security Commission, the normal, everyday way that Washington works is corrupt. The politicians spend all day, every day, trying to help people that give them money in hopes of getting something in return. The only thing exceptional about Jack Abramoff is that he was dumb enough to explicitly tell Congressmen what he wanted in return for his bribes instead of just giving them the money and hinting at it, like every other lobbyist on Capitol Hill does.

Immigrant, when applied to illegal immigrants: Describing illegal immigrants as “immigrants” is like describing a burglar as a house guest.

Nazi: I’m not sure exactly when Nazi became the first term that people thought of to describe anyone who disagrees with them about anything, but the word Nazi is so powerful precisely because the Nazis don’t come along every day, not because they’re so common.

Neocon: At times, you almost wonder if anyone who uses this word knows what it means. It’s used as a catch-all for hawks, conservatives, Jewish conservatives, people who support the war in Iraq, you name it. But, the word Neocon has a meaning, and it doesn’t mean any of those things. So what does it mean? If you don’t know, you shouldn’t be using the word.

Speaking The Truth To Power: This is typically used by self-congratulatory left-wingers who are under the false impression that it’s brave to criticize politicians in power in America even though there are hundreds of thousands of people doing it all day long, every day, without consequence. Only people who live in countries like China or Syria should be allowed to use that phrase.

Traitor/Treason: Traitors should be hung by the neck until dead. So, unless you’re of the opinion that the person has said/done something that actually merits death, then you should not drop the “t-bomb.”

Thanks to my pal Amanda Carpenter for suggesting some of these.

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