This Is Your Brain. This Is Your Brain On Left-Wing Feminism.

So, I am talking to my buddy Karol from Alarming News via instant messenger and she points me to an absolutely pathological post by Zuzu over at Feministe.

The reason this post is so fascinating isn’t because of the political content, it’s because it shows how hardcore, left-wing feminism has twisted around her thinking practically to the point where it practically qualifies as a mental disorder.

Here’s how it starts,

Amanda’s got an interesting post about the way women run themselves down as a matter of course, both to bond with other women and to show others that they don’t suffer from any grand notions that they’re actually self-confident:

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Some researchers have looked into female self-degradation and found that women tend to treat the practice of making derogatory comments about your own body as mandatory. (Hat tip, Lisa in KS.) Hating your body is considered a baseline behavior to demonstrate that you are not exhibiting threateningly high levels of self-esteem.

Seems fair enough so far, right? I mean it’s hardly unusual to hear a woman, even a beautiful woman, putting down her own looks. Now this is where things start to go off the rails a bit, when Zuzu writes,

“See, this is one of those things that my status as a lifetime fat person has given me a much different perspective on. I’m pretty much exempt from mandatory self-deprecation (because, yes, my *ss *does* look fat in these pants, because *my*ss is fat* and I don’t need to solicit anyone’s opinion on that, thanks, because someone will be sure to scream it out a car window), though it is my role to assure other women that no, they’re not fat — certainly not like me.”

Zuzu says that she’s, “exempt from mandatory self-deprecation,” and then she goes on, in the same sentence mind you, to engage in self-depreciation. I wonder if she realizes that she did that?

Now here’s where things really go haywire,

“…Girls I didn’t interact with much would come up to me in the locker room and ask, “Zuzu, do you think I’m fat?” Why? Because I’m the expert? Because I’ll say of course not? Because anyone who didn’t look like me was, by default, thin?

I always wish I’d had the guts in those days to look those girls in the eyes and tell them that, yes, you’re looking a little chunky there, Susie. Because this was just another reminder that I wasn’t like them, wasn’t normal, and wasn’t part of their world. But instead I just felt shame.

It’s about 25 years too late, but f*ck you, Susie.”

So, 25 years ago, some girl asks Zuzu if she looked fat. This is not an unusual occurrence or some kind of a slap to most people. In fact, the average person would have probably forgotten that it happened by the next day.

But, take that normal event and run it through the filter of left-wing feminism and 25 years later Zuzu is still holding a grudge and blaming society for trying to crush women with, “threateningly high levels of self-esteem,” by somehow forcing them to ask other people if they look fat.

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