A Great Point About Arafat:

A Great Point About Arafat: Let me paraphrase a question that a caller on the “Rush Limbaugh Show” just asked…

“Who has to die for Arafat’s 35th 2nd chance? What are their names? What do their faces look like? Why do they have to die so Arafat can have another chance he’s going to waste?”

I agree 100%. People are getting all excited because the Israelis are almost out of the disputed territories, because Arafat is out of his compound, because Bush is meeting with Arab leaders, etc. None of that means jack diddly squat. It’s all a complete and utter waste of time that is accomplishing nothing other than to extend the length of the conflict. The Pals are not ready to make peace yet and 35+ years of history says that Arafat is never going to be interested in a real peace. Dealing with him is just as much of a waste of time as dealing with Bin Laden would be. When we figure out that you don’t negotiate with people like Arafat, you wipe them off the face of the Earth, everyone will be a lot better off.

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