Le Pen Is No Right-Winger

Le Pen Is No Right-Winger By American Standards: We keep hearing that Le Pen in France is a “right-wing” extremist. Well they’re right about the extremist part but Le Pen is no right-winger. Le Pen is a protectionist while right-wingers tend to be free traders and globalists. He wants to forbid the building of mosques while it’s those on the left in the US who always seem to be the ones attacking religion. He’s for the minimum wage, right-wingers are against it. He’s for large subsidies for French industry, whereas Conservatives don’t believe that’s a proper use of tax dollars. He hates America which is the world’s Conservative mecca and he’s supposedly anti-semetic which is definitely doesn’t jive with the fact that it’s the Conservatives in the US who are Israel’s strongest supporters.

Of course, he doesn’t really fit in with the Ted Kennedy and Tom Daschle crowd that well either. That being said, no candidate who made jokes about tossing Jews in the ovens and who wanted to ban mosques could ever have gotten this far in the United States anyway because neither the Democrats or Republicans would support….well, let me correct myself. The Democrats stand behind ex-KKK member Robert Byrd don’t they? Even though he dropped the N-bomb on television a while back right? So maybe Le Pen wouldn’t be such a bizarre choice for the left-wingers in the US afterall….

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