Hilarity Ensues In Utopia Politics:

Hilarity Ensues In Utopia Politics: Here are 4 posts I ran across in the Utopia Politics Forums that just cracked me up…

LordXAoZ: SCIENCE HAS FAILED OUR WORLD!! the industrial revolution is the whorst thing that has happend to this planet…

nimatzo: Well then stop using the computer then you focko. Go live in the woods and clean youre @ss with a pine.

LordXAoZ: ok…well u could invent toilets without pollute the earth??? and I think wiping my @ss with a leave or whatever would be a small sacrifice to make the world better.

nimatzo: ..So stop using the facking computer then…..You know how many thousand miles the signal has to travel to get to me?? In coppar cables!!! You think your computer was made at a fairy factory?

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