A Little Advice For Occupy Wall Street

bill hallowelltheblaze.com

Here is a letter from Brookfield Properties, that owns the park that the NY protesters are living in right now, to NYPD chief Ray Kelly. While they support the right of the protesters to protest, the park has become disgusting. In part it says:

The conditions at the park have deteriorated to unsanitary and unsafe levels.

Additionally, we have received hundreds of phone calls and e-mails from concerned citizens and office workers in the neighborhood. Complaints range from outrage over numerous laws being broken including, but not limited to lewdness, groping, drinking and drug use, to the lack of safe access to and usage of the Park, to ongoing noise at all house, to unsanitary conditions to offensive odors. We have received complaints of harassment, one woman stating that she was verbally abused in front of her 5 year old child and complaining that she had a package stolen from her as she tried to cross the Park.

You have to feel sorry for those people who live around the area having to put with this disgusting mess. As the letter states, there are no public restrooms in the park. The businesses around the park have put expensive locks on their bathrooms because the protesters were bathing in their restrooms and destroying them.

This is the thing. I know there are protesters who really believe in what they are doing and “the cause.” But they must also admit that there are so many that are just there for the free food, mattresses, and the availability of drugs. It has become unsanitary and unsafe. Continuing on in this manner will only hurt your cause and make you look bad to the American people. I am all for protests, having been a part of many myself, but make your point, go home, and come back another day. What these prostesters are doing in New York is unfair and unkind to the people who live and work in the area.

Go home, take a shower, and schedule protests for day long ventures. You make the same points without looking like a bunch of rag tag druggy losers.

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