A Note To Chris Matthews: Why Rush Limbaugh Is a Success

Since Chris Matthews of Hardball on MSNBC no longer has that tingle up his leg for Pres. Obama, he has to find something else to tingle about. He is now counting the days until a Republican will come on his show and denounce Rush Limbaugh. No takers yet.

I doubt Chris Matthews will ever see this, but I thought I might take time to explain a few things to him about Rush. There is much his industry could learn.

The wonderful thing about the marketplace is that if you can find a niche that hasn’t been filled, you can find success.

In my early 20’s I religiously read National Review. I couldn’t wait for it to come in the mail because I knew I would finally learn the other side of the story that the mainstream media was reporting. Being a newly converted conservative was frustrating to say the least in those days. The liberal bias was even more blatant than it is today. All I wanted was both sides of the story. And I wasn’t alone.

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In my late 20’s I discovered Rush Limbaugh on the radio. There, finally, was the other side. It’s kind of ironic that the same mainstream media that demonizes Rush is the one who created a need for him. To this day, they still don’t get it, and he clearly does. As newspapers fold and cable news outlets like CNN and MSNBC continue their downward ratings fall, they still don’t get that all people want is both sides of the story. Fair and balanced. There is a reason Fox News is number one.

Rush’s words, jokes, and statements have been distorted many times. But all one has to do is listen for a while and they get the humor. They know there isn’t a racist bone in his body, and at the heart of all he does is a love for this country.

Yesterday while the mainstream media was gushing over how wonderful it was that Pres. Obama picked Petraeus to take over command of Afghanistan, Rush was playing clips of Senator Obama bashing Petraeus over his failures. He played clips of Senator Hillary Clinton telling Petraeus that believing his report on the war took a “willing suspension of disbelief.” Rush played clips of pundits like Matthews calling Petraeus a puppet for Bush. He also reported that MoveOn.org removed the page that had their NYT “General “Betray Us ” ad. The media didn’t want America to remember these things. They didn’t want to report the other side of the story. Gen. Petraeus wasn’t wrong then. The Democrats were wrong. They know now that Gen. Petraeus strategy in Iraq was right, and that is why Obama chose him now.

Maybe this is why a recent study found that people trust Facebook and Google more than they trust the media.

While Chris Matthews counts the days until a Republican comes on his show and denounces Rush, Rush will continue to count his money.

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