A Palestinian State Won’t Solve

A Palestinian State Won’t Solve Anything: Here are some poll numbers from Palestinians in the occupied territories that show that simply giving the Palestinians a state will solve absolutely nothing….

“74.3 percent of those surveyed answered that even if East Jerusalem were to come under Palestinian sovereignty, they still would not accept Israeli sovereignty over West Jerusalem.”

“91.5 percent of Palestinians polled in November 2000 believe that peace is not possible if Israel does not recognize the right of Palestinian refugees to return.” (Israel will never agree to this because it would mean the end of Israel as a Jewish state.)

“82.3 percent disagreed or strongly disagreed with defining the suicide bombing at the Dolphinarium discotheque that murdered 23 mostly teenage Israelis (and wounded 100 more) as a terrorist attack.”

“69.4 percent of the respondents questioned would not consider the use of chemical or biological weapons against Israel an act of terror.”

“In polls taken since November 2000, between 50 percent and 60 percent of Palestinian respondents asked if Palestinians and Israelis could coexist after an independent Palestinian state had been established next to the Israeli state answered that there is no chance for peaceful coexistence between the two peoples.”

When you consider those numbers as well as the fact that terrorist groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad have openly said that they intend to continue attacking Israel whether the Palestinians get a State or not, it makes it clear that even if the Palestinians got a State tomorrow nothing would change.

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