A Preview Of What Petraeus Will Say In September

Yesterday, David Petraeus did the Alan Colmes show and he had good news for America, which of course, is bad news for the Democrats. Here’s a little foretaste of what he’ll probably be telling Congress next month,

COLMES: “Can the Iraqi security forces and police be trained? … Are you confident that the time will come when they will be able to take over security for their own country?”

PETRAEUS: “Well, they have actually taken over security in a number of different places, Alan. If you look at Samawa, Nasiriyah, Najaf, Karbala – we hardly have any forces in those locations at all. Occasionally they will ask the Special Forces team in the area for some assistance, and we are happy to bring in close air support if needed, if the militias get — act up or something like that.

“There are other areas that have serious al Qaeda threats like Mosul, by the way, which has come back impressively, and which has army police and forces that have now proven quite resilient. In fact, just a few days ago, it was an Iraqi army element that killed the emir of Mosul, the al Qaeda emir of Mosul. That same day they found and cleared I think it was four car bombs.

“Certainly al Qaeda has the ability to continue to conduct car bomb attacks, suicide attacks that are trying reignite sectarian violence. But our soldiers and Marines and other forces have done enormous damage to them in recent months in particular, and especially in the past seven weeks of this surge of offenses that has been possible by the surge of forces. …

“And they are losing — their losses are three times our losses in an average period. So they are definitely fighting and dying for their country. Again, they are uneven in quality, but there are dozens and dozens of very good units out there.

“And their high-end units are truly very fine elements. Their commando battalions, their counterterrorist force, their national emergency response unit, their special tactics unit and so forth. These are truly legitimate high-end forces that rank with the best of the Special Forces in this region.”

Then there’s this,

ALAN COLMES: “… General, is the surge working?”

GEN. PETRAEUS: “It is. We are making progress. We have achieved tactical momentum in many areas, especially against al Qaeda Iraq, and to a lesser degree against the militia extremists.

“We’re also heartened by the number of Iraqi tribes and local citizens who have rejected al Qaeda. We cannot attribute that to the surge but the surge certainly enabled that to move much more rapidly, we believe, than it otherwise would have.

“Having said that, there are innumerable challenges. And obviously an enormous amount of hard work remains to be done. …”

So, there you go. The surge is working. “We are making progress.” The Iraqi security forces are coming along. We’re doing “enormous damage” to Al-Qaeda.

If you’re a senator, how do you in good conscience listen to this and decide to cut and run? I know, I know, the ones that vote for it won’t be doing it “in good conscience”….

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