The Netroots Must “Destroy The Brand Of The Blue Dogs!”

It sure is great to see the Left starting to act just as self-destructively as the Right has over the last couple of years,

Progressive and liberal groups and left-leaning blogs are furious, tossing around fighting words like “spineless,” “craven” and “weak.”

…”Democratic leaders in Congress didn’t put up much of a fight and they didn’t stand up and say ‘no’ to Bush,” said an e-mail message that political operatives for the group MoveOn sent Tuesday to the organization’s members, urging them to sign an online petition calling on Congress to reverse the new law.

…”Cowards,” said the headline on a post Tuesday on the Daily Kos Web site, which listed the 41 House Democrats and 16 Senate Democrats who sided with the White House and Republicans.

…Democrats and political analysts said they expected the long-term political consequences of last week’s votes to be minimal because most of those who are irate would not be inclined to back Republicans.

“At the end of the day, how many choices do they have?” asked Stuart Rothenberg, a nonpartisan political analyst, about liberal voters. “How many Democratic primaries are going to be determined by this? Base voters have a way of complaining, being angry, of holding their breath until they turn blue. But I don’t see it as having any real consequence.” (Hawkins Note: Gee, how many times did you hear that line of reasoning in reference to the GOP in 2006? That worked out really well for us, didn’t it?)

Others say frustration with the party over issues like the surveillance vote is at the heart of the dismal poll ratings for Congress.

Some are already talking about primary challenges for Democrats whom they consider enablers of Mr. Bush, like moderate Blue Dogs who formed the core of Democratic support for the eavesdropping proposal in the House. On the Web site Open Left, the blogger Matt Stoller accused the Blue Dogs of one of their “standard betrayals.”

“The upside,” Mr. Stoller wrote, “is that organizing is beginning already around fixing the FISA legislation, and a campaign to destroy the brand of the Blue Dogs is not far away.”

That’s right, fellas, don’t let those Blue Dogs get away with disrespecting the netroots. I mean, you start letting these guys vote to listen in on terrorists and then, next thing you know, they’ll be supporting the Patriot Act. You give these guys an inch and they’ll take you a mile every time and that’s why you’ve got to destroy these Blue Dogs to save them!

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