A Quick Thought On The Yassin Killing

It seems to me that everyone is asking the wrong question about Israel turning Sheik Ahmed Yassin into a bloody, metallic puddle of slurry. What I keep hearing is…

“Why did Sharon have Yassin killed?”

Given that…

1) Hamas openly tells the world that they intend kill of the Israelis
2) Hamas is going to kill as many Israelis as possible, as often as possible, and they can’t be reasoned with
3) There is zero possibility of a real lasting peace breaking out anytime soon despite all the talk you hear about a “Roadmap to Peace”.
3) The UN hates Israel and blatantly sides with the Palestinians
4) On the whole, Europe hates Israel and blatantly sides with the Palestinians
5) No matter what they may say publicly, the Bush administration isn’t going to be upset with Israel for killing terrorists.

…I’d say the appropriate question is…

“Why not kill Yassin?”

You could add to that…

“Why not kill every terrorist that you can, including Arafat?”

I mean if peace isn’t around the corner, your enemies are determined to drive you into the sea, and all of the world (except the US) is going to condemn you when do anything except lay back and die, why not just kill every terrorist you can get a bead on and let the chips fall where they may?

Or put another way

“Two Jews who were being stood against a wall by a Nazi execution squad. Allowed a few last words, the first Jew curses his killers, telling them they will lose the war and roast in Hell and all their crimes will be avenged and . . . then he hears the other Jew whispering in his ear: Shush! You’ll make them mad.”

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