Europeans Say FDR, Churchill Lied About “Hitler Threat” By William Grim

Paris – Members of the French organization ACD (“Action Contre Democracie”) are planning massive protests against the United States on June 6, 2004, the 60th anniversary of the D-Day invasion.

“Eet ees clear that FDR and Churchill lied about ze so-called ‘Hitler Threat,’” said Jean-Pierre Le Con, chairman of ACD. “All zees talk about German weapons of mass destruction. Sheer lies by ze capitalist pigs of ze Anglo-Saxon world. American aggression actually made ze world much less safe. We were all collaborating so nicely and then ze Americans invaded our beautiful beaches at Normandy. And zis was done in violation of international law.”

In England, members of the NCAS (“Neville Chamberlain Appeasement Society”), will join their French colleagues in the protests against FDR and Churchill. “Just think how much better the world would be today if Winston Churchill had stayed the course of appeasement instead of succumbing to the siren call of American aggression,” said Basil Throttlebottom, chairman of the NCAS. “It would be a world of total peace vouchsafed by the benevolent protection of the German military. Certainly it would be a far better world than the one we’re saddled with which is based on freedom, the rule of law and government based on the consent of its citizens.”

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