A Reader Comment On The

A Reader Comment On The Fast Food Lawsuit: One of our readers sent in a great email about the “fast food lawsuit” and I thought it merited posting…

“If these tubby f***ers were as inventive with entrepreneurial ideas as they were with baseless lawsuits, maybe they could cash in on the coming “fast and healthy” food craze and start a multi-billion dollar restaurant chain of their own. Alas, I think that the number one problem facing these people is laziness. Maybe that is another side effect of a fast food diet…

And when exactly did it become permissible to sue vendors to force them to sell products other than what they offer? I think I’ll get in on this because I’ve been irreparably harmed because none of the listed restaurants markets a peanut butter and jelly sammich.

Dennis Miller said something years ago in one of his rants, along the lines of “you can’t sue the inventor of the fork just because you’ve got a fat @ss.”

If the trial judge had any guts, he’d schedule everything in a courtroom on the top floor of the courthouse and sabotage the elevators so that these disgusting representations of everything that is wrong with America have to walk up 50 flights of stairs.

I still think the federal government should be subsidizing the fast food industry, along with the tobacco industry and the alcoholic beverage industry. By killing off these people young, we are saving a fortune in Social Security payments.

George Carlin was right. We are circling the drain.” — Scott Canty

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