Republicans Need To Go On

Republicans Need To Go On The Political Offensive Over The War: The Democrats are not serious about the ‘War on Terrorism’ and Al Gore is just the latest example of it. Here’s some of his latest quotes…

“I think the principle of ‘first things first’ does apply and has to be followed if we are to have any chance of success,” the former vice president said, suggesting that Afghanistan’s stability needs to be assured first.

…I certainly question why we would be publicly blustering and announcing an invasion a year or two years in advance,” Gore said, noting that some officials had leaked documents spelling out battle strategy. “What was that all about?” Gore said to laughter. “These guys are supposed to be good at foreign policy. I don’t think they are.” Contrast that with the situation we have today,” Gore said, noting that Arab nations have not indicated they support an effort to overthrow Saddam, and allies in other parts of the world have not been recruited to back such an effort. “I do think the situation our country faces now is fundamentally different than what we faced on the eve of the Gulf War,” Gore said. “If the rest of the world does not see what it regards as a sufficient provocation to justify an invasion by the United States, then the diplomatic cost would be extremely high.”

You know what Bush’s response to Gore’s comments should be? Something along the lines of…

“I see that Al Gore and the Democrats wants to put off the invasion of Iraq for a couple of years at least. I’m sure by then they’d simply come up with some new excuse to put millions of Americans at risk by doing nothing. It’s a shame that stopping a terrorist supporting nation that’s hates America and is pursuing nuclear weapons is less important to Al Gore than getting a lot of pats on the back at European cocktail parties. But then what can you expect from a party that did everything in their power to keep our brave men and women in the armed service from having their votes counted in Florida during the 2000 election? Well no matter what the leaders of Democratic party think about our military, the rest of our great nations supports them and the Republican party is committed to doing anything it takes to protect our great country.”

Of course, that’s what a Reagan Republican might say. Too bad Bush is too much of a Rockefeller Republican to ever get that tough with the Democrats.

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