A Short Introduction To Conservative Videoblogging

Vlogging really seems to be getting more popular on the right side of the blogosphere, so I thought it would be a good time to do a short post about it.

Although she’s not a conservative, you have to give credit to Amanda Congdon from Rocketboom for proving that vlogging can draw a big audience:

Of course, the most popular conservative vlogger is Michelle Malkin over at Hot Air:

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When Michelle’s out, her fill ins include Mary Katharine Ham:

And Bethany:

Then there’s Ann Althouse:

New vlogger, RightWingSparkle:

And of course, perhaps the right side of the blogosphere’s 2nd most popular vlogger, Pam from Atlas Shrugs, who is hopefully starting a trend with her newest vlog from the beach:

Now, you probably think this whole post is nothing but an excuse for me to post pictures of a bunch of attractive women on my blog and you’re right…pretty much. It is interesting though, that in a male dominated medium, blogging, with a mostly male audience…. that vlogging, a visual medium, is currently dominated by attractive women.

That makes you wonder: is political vlogging (as opposed to showing funny videos on youtube) the start of a new trend or is it always going to be a small niche, limited by the number of attractive women that are willing to host a show? My gut instinct is that it will continue to expand over time, with male hosts eventually becoming popular, too, but time will tell…

Update #1: Check out Mary Katharine Ham’s bleeped outtake from Vent earlier this week.

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