A Short, “It’s Out There,” Review

Last night, after an encore presentation of, “The Half Hour Comedy Hour,” (It’s week 2 and they’re already in repeats? Yeesh!), the new Michelle Malkin / Kirsten Powers show on blogs, “It’s Out There,” debuted.

Weirdly, as far as I can tell, neither Malkin or Powers made mention of the fact that they had a TV show debuting on Fox on their blogs. Maybe they figured it would have trouble drawing eyeballs because of the Oscars and they’d rather wait until next week to try to drum up publicity — assuming there is a next week. I noticed that I couldn’t get a Season Pass to the show on Tivo and, for the moment, there seem to be no new shows scheduled.

Of course, if this is one off show and they want to see how many eyeballs it can draw, they picked a really weird time to debut it, following a repeat of a show that was panned horribly last week and opposing the Oscars.

But, on to the show. The two hosts are the lovely and talented Michelle Malkin and Kirsten Powers. Michelle even broke out the boots for the show (ouch)…

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Michelle Malkin and Kirsten Powers

They also had some guy, I didn’t even bother to look-up his name, as sort of a third co-host. I’m not sure what purpose he serves, since I’ve never heard of him and everything he did could have been just as easily done by Michelle or Kirsten, but he at least seemed to be reasonably competent.

The show mixed in short video clips, news from around the blogosphere, a couple of guest bloggers from the left and right commenting on a topic, and a mystery blogger. All in all, it was a very well done, fast paced show. I particularly liked the segment that featured Kirsten flying around in “Second Life,” an irritating (Yes, I tried it and thought it was lame) virtual world where John Edwards has a campaign headquarters right across from a porn vendor.

If you like reading blogs, you’ll probably like watching the show, too — if you’re on the right. Kirsten does represent the left, but she seems to be relatively moderate, pleasant, and didn’t use the words “Godbag,” “Haliburton,” or “Smirky McBushHitler” even once. She also didn’t sneer at Michelle or compare Bush to Hitler even once, which means all the left-wing bloggers will probably accuse her being a right wing shill.

Anyway, I’m hoping Michelle will explain what’s happening with the show later today because if it’s coming back on, I plan to watch it.

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