A Short Tribute To Tanc

Some people will tell you that the world is so big and complicated that one man can’t make a difference.

Tom Tancredo is living proof that those people are wrong.

In the fight against illegal immigration, Tancredo practically started out as a one man gang, but over time, more and more people rallied to his cause.

Eventually, he decided to run for President to promote his views on the issue even though he said he was “too fat, too short and too bald” to be President.

Then in 2007, when the amnesty and open borders crowd finally made their big move, the movement that Tanc had led for so long met them head on and defeated them in one of the bloodiest political scrums Washington had seen in decades.

Today, 6 out of the remaining 8 presidential candidates (all of them except Giuliani and McCain) profess to share Tancredo’s basic position on illegal immigration, which is: security now and no amnesty later. That’s quite a change from 2006, when all the top tier candidates except Fred Thompson supported comprehensive illegal immigration.

So, even though Tancredo has dropped out of the race, he accomplished a lot more than many people realize.

PS: I was very disappointed that Tancredo chose to endorse Mitt Romney, who is saying all the right things now about illegal immigration, but can’t be trusted to stick with it. But, after all that Tanc has done for the country, he deserves to get a pass on that.

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