Help Slatecard Get To CPAC

As you may know, I am on the board of Slatecard, which is an outstanding PAC that is dedicated to raising money for Republican candidates.

Well, Slatecard is trying to raise enough money to get a booth at CPAC, which will be the 2nd biggest conservative event of the year behind the Republican National Convention.

Going to CPAC would really help Slatecard get its name out there and thus, would make it much easier for us to raise money for Republican candidates in 2008.

If you’re so inclined, it would be great if you could chip in a few bucks to help us out.

In the end, the small amount you give might get Slatecard to CPAC and thereby help us to raise tens of thousands of dollars more for GOP candidates next year.

PS: Incidentally, I am going to be at CPAC next year. So, if you’re attending, make sure to stop by bloggers’ row and say “hi.”

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