A Sign That The Republicans In The House Are Still Standing Tall On Illegal Immigration

“An outspoken GOP opponent of Republican border security proposals was bumped from the House Judiciary Committee by party leaders Wednesday, drawing protests from minority rights groups.

Rep. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., who rebuffed House Republican leaders and sponsored an immigration reform bill to grant legal status and citizenship to undocumented workers, was removed from the panel.

The GOP Steering Committee gave Flake a seat on the Foreign Affairs and Resources committees.

“The Judiciary Committee hasn’t exactly been the friendliest place for those who favor comprehensive reform. And leadership was not happy that I was not happy with their strategy — which was to do nothing,” Flake told the San Antonio Express-News.

… Flake had more seniority on the panel than six other members.

He said his immigration views are more at odds with Smith’s than with those of former Judiciary Chairman Rep. James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis.

“Smith will have a far harder line on immigration than Sensenbrenner,” Flake said.”

If the GOP Leadership in the House is actually kicking people off of committees for being squishes on illegal immigration, that would seem to mean that they’re still dead serious about fighting amnesty. That’s good news, because from what I’ve seen, a coalition between the GOP in the House and the Democrats who talked tough on illegal immigration last year to get elected in rightward leaning districts is our best shot to stop amnesty.

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