The Democratic Underground Reaction To Bush’s Speech

Over at the Democratic Underground, predictably, they’re not happy with Bush’s speech. How unhappy are they? Well, a single thread just doesn’t really capture the depth of their dissatisfaction. However, if you take a look at the titles of all these different threads from their General Forum, I think you’ll get a good feel for it:

Is impeachment the only way out?
Maybe a draft would be a good thing….
It’s Our Fault. No American is Innocent (rant)
He looked like a terrified toddler with a corn cob up his *ss.
America Has A Dictator.
I Am Now One-Hundred-Percent For Impeachment.
“Escalate Impeachment” (DailyKos Post)
I am now convinced * IS the Manchurian Candidate (his mood dial
Forget impeachment, arrest that criminal!
Have we officially entered the Bizarro World or what?
No work for me today – I’ve already called in sick. I’m too p*ssed.
George W Bush is an *sshole
Impeach Bush before it’s too late.
Now can we impeach?
Impeachment? How about a straightjacket
“My God we have a madman on our hands!”

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