A Teleconference With John Ashcroft

John Ashcroft has a new book out called, Never Again: Securing America and Restoring Justice. As part of his promotional efforts, he did a teleconference with some bloggers, myself included.

Here are the notes that I took on Ashcroft’s comments (These are not quotes). Enjoy!

— The idea that wartime detainees must be charged as criminals is foreign to the history of the way the world is run. Furthermore, it would be immoral to release these people. It’s like saying, “You failed your first time in an attempt to kill us, so we’re going to give you another try.” That’s morally bankrupt.

— The fact that these terrorists haven’t obeyed the rules shouldn’t elevate their status. Why should they get better treatment than a normal combatant?

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— The alternative to taking prisoners is killing them on the battlefield. So taking them as prisoners, no matter how long they stay there, is an act of mercy.

— People who join an ill-defined fight, who join up with terrorists should have to bear the risks. Since we don’t know when the war will be over, that’s their problem, not ours. If they didn’t want to risk sitting in a cell for the rest of their lives, they shouldn’t have gotten involved.

— I am distressed that the Supreme Court has applied the rules of the Geneva Convention to terrorists. Why should someone comply with the rules when you get all the benefits without complying?

— These leaks are damaging to our national interests. In the deadly game of hide and seek, when the hiders know where the seekers are going to look, they won’t hide there anymore. When the terrorists find out where we are looking because of these leaks, they stop hiding there.

— Are we supposed to take people off the battlefield to testify that some terrorist was carrying a Kalashnikov instead of a hoe? These cases don’t belong in a court room.

— Think carefully about whom you vote for. Do you really want Nancy Pelosi running the House? You’re never going to get perfect representation; all you really ever get to do is make the choice between two options. People can say, “Enough is enough,” but they should ask if what they’re getting is better.

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