Rightroots: The RNC Email Has Gone Out!

The Republican National Committee has sent out the email for Rightroots that they promised us when we met our goals in the 15 days challenge.

It went out this afternoon and we were at roughly $130,800 when they sent it out. At the moment, we’re at $144,826 and rising. It’ll be interesting to see where we end up when the momentum finally slows down.

As a side note, feel free to chip in a few bucks yourself. None of these candidates are incumbents and with the bucket of sewage that is the whole Foley scandal being tossed over Republican candidates, they could certainly use the help.

Update #1: Here’s the text of the email:

First of all, thank you.

Because of you, the RNC shattered its online fundraising and volunteer recruitment goals for September and we are strongly positioned to maintain our majorities as we head into the final stretch of the 2006 election. With your help over the next 35 days, we will send a new generation of conservative reformers to Washington to stand up for our Party’s core principles.

Maintaining our majorities is a team effort, and I want to call your attention to an innovative online effort to help our Party’s rising stars win some of the most competitive House and Senate contests in America. It’s called Rightroots, and it enables you to directly support the candidates of your choice in the races that will decide this election.

Take a moment to learn more and support our Party’s rising stars today.

Control of Congress could come down to a few seats. Our candidates in these close races need all the support they can get. Can we afford to wake up on November 8 and learn that we fell short because one candidate didn’t have the resources they needed to close the gap against an out-of-touch Democrat funded by unions and trial lawyers?

See the full list of candidates and help support our Party’s rising stars.

For the first time ever, Rightroots gives conservatives the power to contribute directly to the most competitive Republican campaigns from a single Web site. Powered by ABC PAC and organized by the Web’s most respected bloggers, the Rightroots-endorsed candidates represent some of the best new ideas from outside the Washington Beltway. These are bright, energetic candidates who are taking the fight right to the Democrats, and they deserve our support. Even $5 or $10 to each candidate on the list will make a difference.

Read more about each of our candidates in some of the most exciting races in America. Support the ones that interest you the most, or chip in a little bit to each one. And bookmark the site to keep track of our candidates’ progress as Election Day nears.

Thanks again for your continued support of the RNC and all of our Republican candidates.


Ken Mehlman
Chairman, Republican National Committee

P.S. Want to lend your support to the most competitive Republican candidates in America? Make a secure online contribution to the candidates you are care about all on one site – Rightroots, powered by ABC PAC. Thank you.

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