A Teleconference With Tom Coburn

Today, I was invited to a teleconference with Senator Tom Coburn, the biggest deficit hawk in the Senate. Coburn is getting ready to go to war on earmarks (Think pork) and he wanted to make sure that the right side of the blogosphere had his back and would be on the look-out for wasteful spending he can cut.

Coburn said he was just talking to Donald Rumsfeld about the 9 billion dollars of worthless earmarks that had been shoved into the defense bill. Of course, even that pales in comparison to the 100 billion dollars worth of fraud and abuse, much of which is STILL ONGOING, that was discovered in hearings.

Currently, Senator Coburn said that McCain was the only Senator working with him publicly to block earmarks, but he hoped others would sign on later. He also said that by challenging these earmarks, he hoped to publicly identify the Senators placing these earmarks in bills and force votes on them.

To make a long story short, Coburn is one of the real “good guys” in the Senate who’s really working hard to make sure our tax dollars aren’t wasted. In fact, I expect that Coburn will PERSONALLY be responsible for knocking down countless billions of dollars worth of spending in the coming year and other Republican Senators, especially those with higher ambitions (I’m looking at you, George Allen), would be wise to partner up with Coburn.

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