RWN’s Readers Come Up With The Top 10 Lines From Why Mommy Is A Democrat

After discovering the existence of (and yes, this is a real children’s book) Why Mommy is a Democrat

…I asked RWN’s readers to come up with some lines that they wouldn’t be surprised to see in the book. Here are the top 10 they came up with:

“Mommy, how come you take half my paper route money away and give it to the lazy kid next door who just watches cartoons all day?” — CavalierX

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“If you are ever killed in a war started by evil republicans, Mommy will take pictures of herself sleeping on your grave, alienate the rest of the family, take pictures with mass murdering communist thugs and totally sh*t on the memory of everything you fought and died for…all for fifteen minutes of fame…” — alemus

“OK, Mommy – but that’s STILL better than making me Bill Clinton’s intern!” — CoolCzech

“Mommy, I mean you mommy Betty, not you mommy Susan…” — Poppanole

“Mommy why are those two sheepherding cowboys fighting and groaning so loud in that tent?” — AlexinCT

“Mommy, why don’t you and I wear pants?” — Kingfisher

“Mommy, when we went to the Art Museum, we saw where a man peed into a cup and stuck something in it. Why is that art? Cause, when I peed on your couch, you told me I was bad.” — StanW

“Mommy, why do Democrats say that dissent is patriotic, but when you go to one of their blogs and dissent, they ban you?” — JannyMae

“Mommy is a democrat, because the most sacred right in the entire universe is her right to murder you in the womb if she had felt like it.” — alemus

“Mommy, if you’re a real Democrat why didn’t you abort me?” — smitty

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