“A Week With My Father”

In all the years that I have been blogging, this might be the most important post I write. That is how strongly I feel about this. I think all of you who read me know my concern over the plight of the black family. With 70% of black babies born into unwed homes, and with more black men in prison than in college, the black family is in crisis. It’s no secret. I’ve written about it, Pres. Obama has talked about it, many black leaders have addressed it.

At the very root of the problems in the African American community is fatherless homes. A child needs a father. I think we can see in the inner city what happens when a father is not there. A child finds itself lost. To repair the black family it is essential that we bring fathers back into the home.

The question has always been, how do we do that? If the first black President speaking about it doesn’t have an effect, what then? The truth is that the ones who needed to hear the President’s words, didn’t listen. The ones in the inner city are mired in drugs, prison, despair, and hopelessness. They can’t relate to a Harvard educated wealthy black man. This is no reflection on Obama. His words about fathers have been perfect. It’s just not reaching those who need to hear them, because they are just trying to survive, and are lost.

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I think I have found the way to reach them. A black gentleman named Giacomo Knox got in touch with me about a web series he produced called, “A Week With My Father.”

Please go and view the episodes. They are brief excerpts. From the first minute of the first one, I had tears rolling down my face. The series is a journey of black men who never knew their fathers, finding them, and spending a week with them. In this journey we not only learn the importance of fathers, but also about forgiveness and healing. I don’t think we can measure the hole in the hearts of fatherless children.

Knox’s experience is not about drugs or prison. He was a marine, and he has found his way in life without his father, but many men who see this show, no matter what dire circumstances they are in, will be able to relate to either leaving their children or being left. Even with being a good man, Knox still yearns for his father.

The reason I think this is so important is because a reality series IS what can reach out to those in the inner city. Especially a reality show that is about THEM. I believe they will watch it and learn from it. Imagine if thousands of black men are touched by this show and re-unite with their children? It could actually break the cycle.

Just to be clear, fatherless homes are not just a black problem. But it has affected the black community in severe way.

The pilot episode features Giacomo Knox, reuniting with his father James. Knox’s hope is to get either a Network / Cable deal, or find a Corporate Sponsor to fund 26 episodes and sell the project in Syndication.

I’m just one small voice, so I need your help to spread this message. Tweet it, e-mail about it, facebook it. We need to get the attention of someone in the Network or Cable business.

I just feel this is so important. We cannot continue to ignore our fellow citizens suffering in the vicious cycle of poverty in our inner city. Whether we realize it or not, we all pay the price for that. We have to care. They are our brothers and sisters. To me, this is just a great way to spread a vital message and it really get through to those who need to hear it. It will touch not only the inner city, but all those who are affected by not having a father in their life. People from all income levels have experienced this.

Go watch, then spread the message.

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