ACLU Assembles Dream Team to Defend Gitmo Terrorists

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The Government has raised the number of detainees at Gitmo that they will be seeking the death penalty for to the enormous and shocking number of seven. The ACLU are quick and ready to defend these warriors!

Backed by a slate of prominent legal figures, including former Attorney General Janet Reno and former Federal Bureau of Investigation Director William Webster, the ACLU has assembled a team of top civilian attorneys to supplement the military defense counsel assigned to represent Guantanamo’s “high-value detainees.” …

The effort significantly adds to the legal forces that over the past seven years have challenged the administration’s plan to run an offshore court that provides defendants fewer rights than civilian trials or courts-martial. The addition of the ACLU in particular, with its large financial resources, is a major shot in the arm for those who oppose the tribunal system.

Exciting stuff! The “shot in the arm” talk from the ACLU is probably an example of their less than sensitive side. Its witty though, I’ll give em that. See-Dubya pretty much covers this as good as it gets. I’m hoping that the reason they call these murdering creeps “high value”, because it is a high value that we make sure they are dead. It is also wonderful that Janet Reno of Waco and Elian Gonzales fame will be on the defense team. I think its just cozy how the ACLU defends the very idiots that want to destroy freedom. Isn’t that keen? I mean, any organization claiming to defend freedom and liberty should be defending the very people trying to destroy it. Right? I mean…that makes sense. Doesn’t it? Clue in…it isn’t freedom the ACLU defends…it is “absolutism.”

Pssssstttt….its called absolutism! Its been the sabotage of many civilizations.

The Barnyard asks:

Wasn’t Ramsey Clark also Bill Clinton’s AG at one point, he who joined Saddam’a defense team? It is pretty clear at this point which side the Democrats and their base are on and it ain’t America’s. Can I question their patriotism now?

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