Martin Luther King is not your pet.

Some leftist wet was calling conservative radio yesterday, giving this little potted speech about how Rev. Wright can’t be criticized because, hey, Dr. King said similar stuff.

Dennis Prager’s response to the guy was, as always, calm and thoughtful, but I liked Dennis Miller’s better:

“Well, if Martin Luther King really said that “America was the biggest purveyor of violence in the world”, well, then, guess what? He was wrong about that.”

And then he hung up on the guy.

Martin Luther King wasn’t Jesus. He was a man. A flawed man who did great things and bad things.

He is not your pet or your imaginary friend.

He did not live and die in order to validate your liberal worldview parking tickets forty years later and into perpetuity.

The mere talismanic mention of his name (inevitably uttered as a cross between “abracadabra” and “so there!”) does not — it is my sad duty to inform you — invoke in all of us the same overarching awe it does in you, or strike the rest of us dumb in the wake of his imaginary infallibility.

When you thoughtlessly play the Martin Luther King card, you always think you’re laying down a royal flush, and you reach for the pot too soon.

But some of us just see four jokers, and reach for our guns.

The 60s are over.

Try harder.

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