ACPOTI: No, It’s Not Mind Control, You’re Just Off Your Meds…

Let’s be honest here: if your car is stolen by aliens, bigfoot molests you, or you think there’s a ghost haunting your doghouse, I am probably not the guy you want to come to with that information. If you’ve read the ACPOTI section, that is not a hard thing to figure out.

But, for some reason, a gentleman by the name of “skidiver” chose to send me a long, rambling email about the “Torture in Florida” that he’s undergoing. This appears to be an original email since I was not able to Google it and I thought you’d want to read about this gentleman’s…uh…problem — and besides, I haven’t done an edition of “anyone can post on the internet” in a long while.

So here are some excerpts from this email that I received earlier tonight. Incidentally, Skidiver, if you’re reading this, take it from me, a former Psych major and a man who is very, very sane — SERIOUSLY, VERY SERIOUSLY — get help from a psychologist or a psychiatrist — and the sooner the better. On to the email (which I edited for the sake of brevity)…

From: skidiver Subject: Torture in Florida

Dear Sir Ma’am

These facts are true as is my “Statement of Facts” below acting as my filed complaint with you, to start a full investagation ,please ASAP. Please read entirely because this technology has been secret for decades, you will not know of it ,unless you look up the Department of Defence contracts , RD from Universitys and Colleges I’ve provided along with documented victims names and NSA Court Cases. All with the same crime’s M.O. for twenty years plus. Prelude: Department of Defence Radio Frequency (Microwave Spectrum ) this technology “program” made by the United States Department of Defence that destroys good citizens, both physically, emotionally and financally . I need a Lawyer to help save America from the terror of this Human Computer Interaction “program” for future children and generations .

STATEMENT OF FACTS: This is my statement of absolute truth, the facts, of what happened to me Gary N. ***** through mind control attacks of the UNITED STATES GOVERMENT ……….. I’m Gary ***** born 9/20/58 Worcester Massachusetts, raised entirely in Holden Massachusetts, going through their school system, before moving to Ft. Lauderdale Florida. After 10 years there I moved to the west coast to Ft. Meyers and later Port Charlotte .

…In Ft.Lauderdale while working at Bell South, they were montering my calls at my desk but also my private Cingular Cell phone was being montored . I figured it’s Bell South security,when I heard the clicks and muttering on my cell phone in the backround. When I moved to Ft Meyers I took an apartment, bought a Verizon phone, lived at the Polos and bought a home in Port Charlotte to remodel .When I heard people pick-up on my cell phone like at Bell South when they were monitoring me, I was swearing at them and saying what are you going to do next send someone after me ?

… I don’t know exactly when it all started but after I moved to the West coast of Florida and around 5/21/04 I started hearing super high pitched tones at night and a woman’s voice saying “crazy” 24 hours a day round the clock at 1-3 minute increments like a looped computer phrase.

…On 5/23/04 I yelled at my neibor because I thought his girlfriend was calling me “crazy” at 1-3 minute intervils 24 hours a day and ridiculing me.I told him to stop and threatened him if he doesn’t leave me alone. This lasted round the clock for months changing increments to 10 minutes, 30 minutes amd more.

…On 5/25/04 working on my home in Port Charlotte I heard voices calling me “p*ssy” round the clock and I went into the woods figureing maybe the new neibors didn’t like me . I couldn’t find anyone and tried to go back to work but to no avail.

…I went to the Store 24 in the South end of Worcester,Massachusetts where in the store I was talking to a man, after finishing the conversation , I walked away, when nearing the door I heard his same voice call me an “@sshole” I turned and of course he didn’t it was just the super-computer taking his voice digitalizing it and someone using speech to speech or text to speech , via the department of defence microwave spectrum, saying @sshole in his voice directly, to my brain.I realized this is the super computer just in time before I said anything, and learning this is part of the “program”, “application” our department of defence has to drive an American Citizen insane, to fights, conflicts, and/or suicides or institutionalized using department of defence computers and airwaves, the same criminal M.O. I found out for 20 years of victims.This type of department of defence supercomputer provocation happened many more times especially with neibors voices ,which is part of our department of defence application/program to destroy a Citizen .

…Of course they took me to the “nut house” 8th floor UMASS Medical Plantation St Worcester Massachusetts room ***.

…When the voices had names and played a rape of my 82 year old WW2 vet mom -they said this is Cheney and Wolforvitz and my mom said “get off me Cheney” in her actual voice, through my skull into my brain, with a whole rape senerio with my mom screaming. I called the next day and she didn’t sound herself she sounded shaken up, this rape of my mom they played for a week staight 24/7 over and over in my mind “through the skull” voice twenty four hours a day via their NSA computer through the Department of Defence radio frequency microwave spectrum, on a “looped” recording of the event.

….There was another senerio lasting days with the dead Saddam Hussain sons over my Mother’s house torturing her, Ouidi and Cousi, they said they were while threatning my 82 year old WW2 vet MOM.

…I went to the Bank ATM and my First National Bank of Florida debit/visa card, the one I opened at Del Prado road in Cape Coral would not work at all, even though I had plenty of money in it. I just found out this January 2005 that the debit/visa card has been taken out of the bank computer completely after a voice saying it was Porter Goss said he “froze my accounts” . This debit/visa card was taken out and wiped clean out of the computer.

…At the same time I was in the bahamas being mind controled and transported by U.S. Military helicopter the so-called “Bush threat Assessment Team” called my brother in Toronto,Canada. WHO were these Bush Threat Assessment Team ? Were they actually the Bush Mind-Control team,calling at the same time I was being TORTURED, threatened, controled and transported with U.S. Military helicopter in the Country of the Bahamas. I was taunted by voices saying “we got you Iraqi.”

….After I heard a miltary voice say later on “I don’t know where they got the Gitmo Software” “I don’t know where they got the Gitmo software” “I don’t know how it got out of Gitanamo Bay” This must have been the software program that takes away a person’s will to live used before at Gitmo Bay,Cuba.

…These weapons have downloaded dreams into me triggered while sleeping, one of my WW2 Vet Air Force father being thrown into a dug grave naked while the voice of President George H.W.Bush saying my father was MKDelta’s project code blue, and another voice who said he was Col.David Moorehouse or Westmooreland who said he did organ heating to my father.

….Also another senerio with John Kerry’s voice coming to rescue me with explosions ,gunshots and images of him outside the Bahamas Nassau Downtown Central jail.That lasted 8 hours and more. My own father ,a WW2 Air Force vet gunner ,Norman A *****’s memory were tarnished by these terrorists. Barbara Boxer’s name and voice talked with her for about a week, also senerio’s of JFK Jr’s plane going down with images and a voice that said they took care of JFK Jr’s “magnetics….”

…So they use family, friends, girlfriends, bin Laden, the Bush family, the Bush Cabinet and more to torture citizens WHY? They tell me they are going to kill my Mom then my Mother has brain/blood barrier leak, these are the facts. They used the Dick Cheney and Jeb Bush as the biggest torturers along with the Bush family including the elderly Barbara Bush with images of them on a computer and in a virtual reality room with a virtual reality glove to torture me while at the same time using their voices “through the skull” to torture me, taunt me and ridicule me…probably to make believe in their virtual loss of reality world that bin Laden terrorist are behind it when it is all documented for over 23 years and all department of defence microwave spectrum, department of defence contracts and department of defence financed and researched technology by schools and universitys financed by the Office of Navy Research and Darpa, with military helicopter transports, and Bush goverment phone calls to my brother in Canada, with scripted questions and the same M.O. for over 23 years.

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