Wow. On the same day that Saddam was hung, some Italian nutjob slapped up a website called, “Saddam is NOT DEAD!” Here’s some of the “reasoning” on the blog, such as it is:

“Journalists, Politicians, Everybody comment the death of Saddam Hussein.


WebSites like YouTUBE, Google Video should have on their homepages the video of this execution. But WHY is it completely impossible to find any scene bout this event?

…I have tried to see, on YouTUBE, Google Video the entire hanging of Saddam.
At least after 10 hours (an eternity for Internet) SOMETHING about this scene should appear… I’m not saying an HD movie, just a 500k clip… but guess what? You CAN’T FIND ANYTHING!!!!!

Saddam is not deadAnother incredibly strange thing it’s the completely absence of videos about Saddam inherent to the last 24 hours… WHY???

…WHY nobody has SEEN, FILM or DOCUMENTED this historical moment? We are in the age of the REAL-TIME informations, why there aren’t any news about this?

Everybody speak about the Saddam’s Death but WHO has the proves of that Saddam it’s REALLY death, does anybody has seen any certificate of its death?

…Which hurry was there to kill a man of caliber of SADDAM HUSSEIN?

He did not suffer from schizophrenia, was in perfect health conditions, why they had to kill him so early?

…Who has the interest to kill a person of this calibre? Saddam is not dead. What would have changed if they decide to keep him alive for 1 month or 3 years more? He could not hurt nobody from his prison.

Sorry for my bad English, but I’m Italian, and I’ve never talked about politics for such a long time in my entire life!

Hope that this document has win your interest.”

Geeze, I’m sorry that they haven’t already done a History Channel special on the hanging of Saddam. Maybe they’re saving that for week two after the execution.

The Iraqi government says he’s dead. The judge of the trial says he’s dead. The US says he’s dead. There have actually been snaps of him after death, but no, that’s not enough because we didn’t have a camera crew there focused in on his face the moment that his neck snapped. It just never ends with these conspiracy kooks.

Bonus Quote: “If you were the presidents of the United States and had between your main investor the Hebrew and if you found yourselves to having to face the global oil situation, you would try you to attack the Iran?”

Hat tip to Something…and Half of Something for pointing out the blog.

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