The RWN Conservative Of The Year

Since I posted on the annoying conservatives/Republicans of 2006 today, I thought I should at least select a Conservative of the Year to balance things out. So, without further ado…

The RWN Conservative Of The Year: Tom Coburn for his relentless campaign against wasteful spending in the Senate.

Runners-Up: Jim DeMint for fighting the good fight against spending in the Senate.

John Roberts & Samuel Alito for doing exactly what conservatives expected them to do when they got on the Supreme Court: sticking to the Constitution.

James Sensenbrenner, Tom Tancredo, and Jeff Sessions for standing tall on illegal immigration.

John Bolton for doing such a phenomenal job as UN Ambassador.

The Club for Growth for holding the line on spending and leading the charge in the Republican primaries against GOP incumbents who didn’t deserve to be reelected.

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