The 21 Most Annoying People On The Right In 2006

Honorable Mentions: Susan Collins, Mike DeWine, Jerry Falwell, Lindsey Graham, Jim Kolbe, Richard Lugar, Grover Norquist, Bob Ney, Don Sherwood, John Warner.

21) Larry Kudlow: “Whether it’s anti-Arab Islamophobia or anti-Mexican Hispanophobia, the fear-mongers in the conservative ranks do not truly believe in economic opportunity. Nor do they believe in Ronald Reagan’s “City on a Hill” vision of America, where it is our charge to lead the world toward free-market prosperity, political democratization and true freedom for all peoples.

Yes, there is a rift in the conservative ranks. Opposing President Bush are those with a vision of pessimism, defeatism and fear. Supporting the president are those with a Reaganite vision that brims with opportunity, victory and success in the spread of freedom and democratization.”Larry Kudlow

20) Joseph Farah: Farah did a magnificent job building up WorldNetDaily into a force on the right, but the page seems to be getting progressively wackier. They’ve got a columnist claiming soy makes people gay and they’re constantly touting the insane North American Union conspiracy theory. Take the red pill, Neo, and come back to reality before the nutty stuff ruins all the great work you’re doing.

19) The Republican Main Street Partnership: It’s bad enough that the Republican Main Street Partnership (AKA as RINO, Incorporated) claimed to be the representatives of “Ronald Reagan’s Republican Party” after the elections (Since when has anyone ever considered the Gipper to be a moderate?), but the real kicker was when they falsely claimed that Bob Corker was joining their organization even though his staff said he’d never heard of them.

18) Shelley Sekula-Gibbs: All Shelley Sekula-Gibbs had to do after she won a special election to replace Tom DeLay for the lame duck session in Congress was to go up to Capitol Hill, smile, be polite, and then just cool her heels and wait until 2008, when she’d be a favorite to take the seat back from Nick Lampson. But, Sekula-Gibbs was so incredibly obnoxious that DeLay’s old staff quit within a week of her arrival on Capitol Hill. The former chief of staff wrote, “Never has any Member of Congress treated us with as much disrespect and unprofessionalism as we witnessed during those five days.” I don’t know who’ll be in that seat
after the 2008 election, but it won’t be Shelley Sekula-Gibbs.

17) Pat Robertson: “Television evangelist Pat Robertson suggested Thursday that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s stroke was divine retribution for the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, which Robertson opposed.”CNN

16) Pat Buchanan: Although Pat still occasionally shows flashes of brilliance, the older he gets, the more reflexively cranky, conspiratorial, and isolationist he becomes.

15) Jerry Lewis: The Republican pork king of the House.

14) Dennis Hastert: You could easily nail Hastert for not doing enough to stop pork or for the way he handled the Foley affair (although I think he handled that better than most people think he did), but the real killer was his bitter complaining when the FBI raided William Jefferson’s office. We had a Democratic Congressman taking bribes and refusing to cooperate with the FBI and Hastert was standing up for him. That was one of the Republican lowpoints of 2006.

13) Ted Stevens: A cranky, doddering, out of touch, taxpayer dollar wasting machine.

12) James Baker: The defacto leader of the Iraqi Surrender Group and a guy who thinks agreeing with Vernon Jordan and Lee Hamilton is more important than coming up with foreign policy that makes sense.

11) George Bush: I really hate to ding the President on a list like this, but he showed a level of political incompetence last year that hasn’t been seen since the Carter Administration and that had a lot to do with the drubbing Republicans took in 2006. Moreover, there’s the out-of-control spending, his incredibly obnoxious position on illegal immigration, and his seeming reluctance to get serious about Iran, Syria, North Korea and Muqtada al-Sadr is getting to be a real drag.

10) Chuck Hagel: A whiny, wimpy Republican who takes great delight in trying to undercut the war on terrorism. PS: I jumped for joy when I heard the rumor that he may retire in 2008.

9) Joe Scarborough: MSNBC’s pet conservative and one of the leaders of the “I hope we lose camp” in 2006. So, we did lose. How you liking it, Joe?

8) Michael Savage: Savage is so habitually obnoxious and over-the-top that I’d be tempted to think that he is a liberal pretending to be a conservative in order to make right wingers look bad if there weren’t so many people who actually like listening to this clown.

7) Arlen Specter: If Pennsylvania had a Republican governor, I’d suggest that Mr., The Republican Party is now principally moderate, if not liberal, stay in Syria so that he could be replaced with a real Republican.

6) Lincoln Chafee: Nobody more richly deserved to lose in 2006 than a Democrat in Republican’s clothing like Lincoln Chafee.

5) Katherine Harris: An embarrassment who ran the worst campaign in America and cost the GOP a shot at a Senate seat because it would have wounded her towering ego to admit that she couldn’t beat Bill Nelson.

4) Duke Cunningham: A former Vietnam war hero and Republican congressman going to jail for 8 years after taking a bribe. Absolutely shameful!

3) Jerome Corsi: Nobody has worked harder to convince people that the completely moronic North American conspiracy theory is real than the right’s version of Dylan Avery, kooky Jerome Corsi.

2) Mark Foley: Thanks to this page-molesting pervert, the Republican Party had to spend the final weeks of the 2006 campaign talking about what the GOP leadership could have done to prevent gay cybersex. Thanks a lot, you creep!

1) John McCain: The #1 Republican advocate for coddling terrorists at Gitmo, amnesty for illegals, and curtailing free speech about elections. If the Republicans in the Senate are planting a thumb in the eye of conservatives, 9 times out of 10, you can count on this egomaniac being at the root of it.

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Note: Inexplicably, I left Michael Savage off of the original list. He has now been added in.

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