Daily News For Jan 4, 2007


Cindy Sheehan And Other Anti-War Protestors Disrupt Democratic Press Conference

FBI Reports Duct-Taping, ‘Baptizing’ at Guantanamo (This Is The Sort Of Stuff They’re Reduced To Complaining About Now)

Tim Johnson Has Not Spoken Since The Emergency Brain Surgery

White House Won’t Condemn Saddam Taunts

Protesters To Stand Trial Over Blocking Views With Signs At St. Patrick’s Day Parade Likening Bush To Hitler


Israel Will Soon Collapse, Says Iran’s President

Pentagon Prepares For Iraq Troop Surge. Commanders Say They’re Ready For Expected Order To Deploy More Troops

US Navy Patrols Somalia’s Coast

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Mac Johnson: Why Illegal Immigration Is About To Get Worse

Michael Medved: 2006 — Great For Americans, But Bad For America?

Ann Coulter: The Democratic Party — A Vast Sleeper Cell

Evans-Novak Political Report For The Week Of Jan 3, 2007

Victor Davis Hanson: A War Of Endurance

John Stossel: Is This Any Way to Help the Homeless?

George Will: The Right Minimum Wage (Free WAPO Reg Req)


Rehnquist FBI File Sheds New Light on Drug Dependence, Confirmation Battles

Officials In Australia Have Destroyed Copies Of A Video Showing Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin’s Death

The 100 Most Annoying Things Of 2006

George The Calf Escapes Death

Website Of The Day: Patrick Ruffini

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