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Introducing BlogAdSwap.
Effective. Easy. Free!!

With large 120×240 ads that load quickly and a sign-up process even a Democrat could figure out, BlogAdSwap should offer a great opportunity for bloggers to promote their sites with no cost. What’s even more exciting is that the click-through ratio has been fairly consistent at between 1:70 to 1:100 (Clicks:Impressions). That’s exceptional considering most sites average between 1:1000 to 1:10,000 for ads roughly the same size. Since BlogAdSwap offers some fairly specific categories, it allows ads to be targeted very efficiently.

BlogAdSwap offer a two for one ad swap. For every two ads that are displayed on your blog, one of yours will be shown on another blog in our network of blogs. When you sign up you get a free 500 impressions credited to your account. From there your earned impressions are credited as soon as they’re earned. And you can monitor your stats at any time through the convenient User Account Page.

Don’t have an ad? Don’t worry. Our online ad creator will allow you to create one quickly with a variety of fonts and styles. You can even upload images and insert them into your ad! The final ad will be a complete graphic, that you can even download and use elsewhere! (Some people have a blast just playing with the ad creator!)

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Check it out, after all it’s free!! >>>

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