RWN’s Favorite Quotes From Tammy Bruce’s The New American Revolution

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“The American Left complains that we have no right to be the world’s police force. On the contrary. We’ve been the world’s janitor for almost a century, and after September 11, it became obvious it’s better, safer, and more productive to change things instead of cleaning up after the mess.” — P.1

“Our greatness perturbs many in the world for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that it reminds the mediocre of, well, their own mediocrity. So, we acquiesced to the Left’s command that we pretend to be like everyone else. More concerned with hurting others’ feelings, we retreated. Any show of strength or, God forbid, superiority, is to be avoided lest we make another country feel bad about itself. And how better to make others feel better about themselves than to deny our own greatness, the Left malevolently insists. The Leftists taught us to hate ourselves so that other nations could feel adequate.” — P.5

“Our tendency to respond only when attacked cost the United States five hundred thousand lives in World War 2, and the world fifty-three million lives. September 11 did what even Pearl Harbor did not — it caused us to decide that waiting to be killed by Fascists around the world would not do.” — P.7

“Despite the ban on human cloning, the Left has quite the stanglehold on replicating themselves. Truly unique individuals, those who think for themselves and question authority, are not welcome, nor do they survive in today’s Leftist establishment. — P.63

“While we are a trusting people, we cannot afford to become gullible. We must be suspicious of government because the more powerful it becomes, the more individuals will suffer. The bigger government grows, like any parasite, the more it will suck the life and freedom out of every man, woman, and child.” — P.72

“(T)he Left has moved so far to the left that this pro-choice, lesbian feminist is now considered a Right-Winger!” — P.77

“If you looks at history clearly, it has been conservatives who have been out on the front line in the last two decades (with Ronald Reagan leading the way), creating change and expanding freedom, not only for Americans but for the world….Last time I checked, the famous feminist – tolerant – expansive – freedom – loving – progressive Left here and around the world were still tearing their hair out over the idea of people in the Middle East being free.” — P.89

“In fact, it has been American Nationalism that has given us the wherewithal to defeat countries mired in the hell of socialism and determined to take everyone with them. Make no mistake, no matter what you call it, our devotion to American values and willingness to die for them moves beyond patriotism. It is the only nationalism — American Nationalism — that has saved the world three times over since our inception and has liberated hundreds of millions of people worldwide.” — P.113

“What would be the difference if we retreated and let the French and Germans make decisions for the world? We tried that twice in the last century. Isolationsim, refusing to accept our role in the world, and delaying our response to evildoers ultimately cost fifty-three million lives in World War 2 alone. The preemption policy of the Bush administration, taking the war to the enemy and exporting democracy and freedom, has liberated fifty million.” — P.117

“(G)overnment is government, and any type will, if left unchecked and allowed to do so, run roughshod over the citizenry. It is its nature to do so.” — P.128

“For the past thirty years it has been illegal to own a handgun in DC, giving criminals and savages carte blanche. As the national crime rate has declined, DC’s has gone up. Finally, in 2003, the DC chief of police declared a “crime emergency.” That’s an awfully ironic position to be in considering the banning of guns was supposed to make everyone safer.” — p.134

“(A)nything not acting as a propaganda arm for the Democrats or the Leftist agenda is considered conservative these days.” — P.151

“I have to tell you, it’s a pretty heady thing to have the media on your side. This is a little difficult to explain — when I was in NOW and worked hand in hand with the media, I never saw our relationship as “biased” or unfair in any way. You see, we all have our opinion, our points of view. Those positions are deemed normal for us. So being on the Left, and working with media that think just like you, is not perceived as “bias,” it’s seen as normal.

Of course, when you don’t associate with anyone who thinks differently from you, it does begin to seem as though everyone thinks like you. Eventually, those who dissent or have different ideas are marginal and odd. They are not like you and certainly not part of the real world.

It is in this environment where groupthink festers and prevails. This is why, when a Leftist or a water carrier of the media insists there is no liberal bias, they’re serious, they really mean and truly believe that to be the case.” p.157

“And Jesse Jackson “counseled” Bill Clinton during the Lewinsky scandal. What was his advice? How to get away with it?” — P.175

“I bring up Bill Clinton again to remind you what lwhat led us into this discussion — Clinton angling to become UN secretary-general, a post now held by Kofi Annan. It’s an odd job for a man to want whose inability to deal properly with international threats and problems still haunts the world.” — P.201

“For Leftists, however, the psychological damage of victimhood, instilled in childhood, is the cornerstone of their identities. Psychological recovery is out of the question, because eliminating victimhood threatens their very existence.” — P.202

“Imagine my shock when I realized through talk radio that the enemy wasn’t thinking day in and day out about me. And most inexplicable, they didn’t hate me at all. Oh sure, there (was) frustration and irritation, mixed in with a bit of the perplexed, but with the exception of the marginalized few who still have white robes and hoods in their closets, they certainly weren’t wasting their time “hating” me. But my feminist cohorts and I, on the other hand, were obsessed with them.” — P.207

“In the decade-plus of my work as a radio talk show host and writer, I have spoken with thousands of Christians from across this country. What I have found, coming from the feminist establishment as I do, is that while they hold religoous beliefs against homosexuality, they are the most tolerant, understanding, and kind people I have ever met.” — P.237

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