After Tommorrow, It’s Time To Get Busy

Cook’s Final Report:

“In its final forecast for the election cycle, The Cook Political Report expects a gain for Republicans of 50 to 60 seats in the House, with six to eight seats in the Senate.’

“Governors Outlook: The Cook Political Report’s current outlook is for a 6 to 8 seat net gain for Republicans. Currently there are 26 Democratic and 24 Republican Governors.”

For a closer look, go here.

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I’m one of those people who don’t count their chickens before they are hatched. That is why I haven’t been gloating or gone overboard on predictions.

The most amazing thing about these elections is the fact that candidates, who fought against both parties, may actually win. When was that last time that happened? Has that ever happened? Not in my lifetime. That should be the story of this year.

I think most of us would be glad to see the last of Barney Frank, responsible for so much of the debacle of FreddieMac and FannyMae. Who really wants to continue to watch the arrogance of Barbara Boxer? Who wouldn’t want to see the last of Harry Reid, the epitome of a Washington insider? Then you have the Alaska dynasty of Lisa Murkowski, whose father handed her the seat she felt entitled to, even when the people of her party voted that she wasn’t. All of these career politicians may be gone thanks to a historic citizen based revolution called The Tea Party.

Those that sneered that Palin was over after she stepped down from office, are eating crow about now. No one can deny that she is a political force, maybe the most powerful political force out there. If these independent upstarts win, they will have Palin to thank.

Marco Rubio will be the poster boy for this uprising. He came from nowhere and beat an establishment GOP RINO, and Governor of Florida, for the nomination. When that RINO (Crist) went on to run as an independent, Rubio still held strong. His victory will the icing on the cake for the Tea Party.

The GOP may be celebrating tomorrow night, but truth is that they really didn’t win, the Democrats just lost. In other words, we only voted for you because you were better than the Democrats, but that ain’t saying much.

The Tea Party is looking for results, and the GOP better give them to us. We understand that you may not be able to override a veto from Pres. Obama, but that better not keep you from trying. Under Obama, we will give you credit for trying. Stop the out of control spending, get government as much out of lives as possible, and let us keep more of our own money.

After tomorrow. It’s time to get busy.

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