Al Gore Continues to Spew Climate Lies

Al Gore tells lies about the climate as fast as they can be debunked. Now he wants us to believe that nonexistent global warming is causing more powerful tornadoes and floods. Proclaims the Goracle:

Yes, we’ve always had tornadoes in Iowa and in Tennessee. But they’re coming more frequently and they’re stronger.

Via Watts Up With That, the following graph from the NWS/NOAA confirms that the number of severe tornadoes has been going down since the early 1970s. The trend for reported tornadoes overall is up, but that’s only because improved technology and increased obsession with the weather has led to better reporting of minor incidents:


Gore also claims that recent flooding in Iowa was caused by global warming driving up the humidity. But water vapor only stays in the air for 10 days, whereas it has been 10 years since it’s gotten any warmer — as University of Alabama, Huntsville confirms:


As always, Gore’s lies are demonstrably false. Nonetheless, a complicit media can be counted on to exploit them as further justification for our economy to be hamstrung and our liberties suspended.

Meanwhile, John McCain promises to bring Gore into his administration to wreak havoc in the name of the global warming farce:

Asked if he would be a visible presence in international talks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and replace the Kyoto Protocol, McCain, who has clashed with fellow Republicans over climate change, said he would do “whatever is necessary to try to move forward.”

He said he would involve former Vice President Al Gore in efforts to address the issue. “I would tap him, I would tap people who have been involved in these issues for many years […] I have great respect for Al Gore.”

Incredibly, McCain is the less unthinkable of our presidential alternatives.

The Goracle’s nose continues to grow.

On a tip from Lou. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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