Al Sharpton Is $1.5 Million Behind in His Taxes

Professional racist Al Sharpton ruined careers with the Tawana Brawley hoax, got Yankel Rosenbaum killed by inciting riots in Crown Heights, and provoked the murder of seven people at a “white interloper’s” store in Harlem. Just this week, he shut down New York City’s bridges and tunnels with yet another of his self-serving publicity stunts. Rather than the contempt and derision he deserves, Sharpton has been rewarded with a position of great prominence in the Democrat Party, and treated with absurdly inappropriate respect by the media.

But there may be one sin for which he will be called to account: he’s $1.5 million behind in his taxes.

Naturally Sharpton is spinning expectations that he pay his taxes like everyone else as another example of the white man’s oppression. We’ll see if this strategy also works with his National Action Network’s failure to properly maintain workers compensation and unemployment insurance.

An incorrigible lowlife, Sharpton has been sued for not paying his bills many times before. But now he’s under federal investigation by the FBI and IRS, and ten of his associates have received grand jury subpoenas. However, Sharpton has managed to beat the rap for tax fraud in the past by pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges.

At least this might be enough to derail a Supreme Court nomination if by some tragedy the MSM is able to install his identity politics colleague Barack Obama in the White House.

On tips from Wiggins and conservativeteen. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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