Mark Steyn provides “greatest hour of television in Canadian history”?

OK, that’s not saying too much, since the previous “greatest hour” was, by general consensus, The Trailer Park Boy’s Christmas Special

In less than a month, a quasi-judicial tribunal may order Canada’s oldest national newsweekly to run 5 pages of Islamist propoganda, because the magazine once printed an excerpt from Mark Steyn’s book America Alone.

(Can you say “Fairness Doctrine”?)

This week, Steyn was here in Toronto, launching the Canadian paperback version of the book.

As part of the media tour, he actually faced his “accusers” for the first time — on a live TV show called The Agenda.

(Actually, Steyn faced the “boy band” pretending to be his accusers, hired to give the case a more attractive public face; the actual name on all the court documents, Mohammed Elmasry, once declared on national television that all Israeli civilians over the age of 18 are legitimate targets for death and dismemberment. And no: he wasn’t charged with anything for saying that.)

A friend of mine called Steyn’s appearance on TVO’s The Agenda “the greatest hour in Canadian television history.”

For an entertaining and highly educational couple of hours, you could do far worse than to grap a coffee and tune in to Steyn’s live take down of these hapless “sock puppets” — and his much calmer, and still witty, informative and engaging, interviews elsewhere.

It’s Mark Steyn like you’ve literally never seen him before.

PS: if you’re keen on following the Mark Steyn/Ezra Levant “hate speech” cases, remember to visit, for daily updates on their travails plus free speech/anti-Islamist commentary from around the globe.

(Now celebrating her eighth year online, Kathy Shaidle blogs, rants — and gets sued by “human rights watchdogs” — at FiveFeetOfFury.)

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