Americans held hostage in Hillary-approved, UN-peace-kept-South Sudan

Americans held hostage in Hillary-approved, UN-peace-kept-South Sudan

As in Syria, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: praised the leader: of South Sudan who precipitated the violence that has over 35,000 Americans trapped in a Libyan-like-Civil War.

5 Not sure if Susan Rice will appear this Sunday on CBS’s: Face the Nation: to tell Bob Scheiffer what anti-Muslim video caused the uprising or if President Barack Obama wonders what difference,: at this point, does it make:

Three United States aircraft flying into a heavily contested region of: South Sudan: to evacuate American citizens were attacked on Saturday morning and forced to turn back without completing the mission, American officials said. Four service members were wounded, one seriously.: The United States had been evacuating Americans from the country, where a political crisis exploded in violence last week, for several days, but the mission on Saturday was the first into rebel-controlled territory.

The Special Operations forces took off from Djibouti heading for Bor, the capital of Jonglei State, where some 14,000 refugees were holed up in a: United Nations: compound surrounded by armed young men, American officials said.: As the aircraft, tilt-rotor CV-22 Ospreys, which can fly like an airplane and land like a helicopter, approached Bor around 10 a.m. local time, they “were fired on by small-arms fire by unknown forces,” the military said in a statement.

All three aircraft were damaged and were diverted to Entebbe,: Uganda, about 500 miles away. A C-17 transport plane then ferried the four wounded service personnel to Nairobi, Kenya, for medical care.: By early Sunday, all were reported to be in stable condition.

As did the last liberal Democrat to occupy the White House, President Barack Obama (like Bill Clinton’s increased meals-on-wheels missions coupled with military cuts) finds himself the Commander-in-Chief of a greatly weakened and stretched military under siege by enemies emboldened by his retreats from Iraq, Egypt,: Benghazi: and Syria and appeasement of Iran.

Weakness invites aggression:

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