Americans Must Finally Go Ukrainian!

Over at the Huffington Post, left-wing conspiracy kook Mark Crispin Miller is trying to get an early start on the rest of the, “The election was stolen by the _____ (George Bush, Karl Rove, Ken Blackwell, Katherine Harris, Jeb Bush, VRWC, Diebold, etc., etc., etc., just fill in the blank) crowd:

“Alright, let’s pretend, just for the sake of argument, that the Repubs are right, as are most Democrats and the media, when they insist that the election was legitimate. Fine.

We’re going to give them one more chance to hold elections that are credible. We’re going to throw ourselves into this next election, getting out as many voters as we can.

…And so, when the Repubs win yet again, surprisingly maintaining their control of Congress, notwithstanding their subterranean approval ratings, we will be prepared to note all the anomalies and improprieties — and, at long last, to SAY NO. As this will have been the fourth election cycle ravaged by Bush/Cheney since 2000, Americans must finally go Ukrainian, and just refuse to acknowledge BushCo’s latest “win.”

Where that may take us I can’t say. But it is something that, it seems to me, we have to do, or else we don’t deserve to call ourselves the citizens of a republic.”

After the elections of 2000 and 2004, there were hordes of liberals who essentially took this attitude: “We tried really hard and we didn’t win, so ergo, the Republicans must have cheated somehow!”

But, Miller has taken it to the next step. It’s now, “We’re going to try really hard and if we don’t win, then ergo, the Republicans must have cheated somehow, so we’re going to overthrow the government and put Democrats in charge!”

So here’s to you, Mark Crispin Miller! You’ve taken moonbattery and conspiracy mongering to an even higher level, which undoubtedly, will only draw in more liberals to the Huffington Post. That’s why someone should tell Arianna to give you a raise and a new tinfoil hat for doing such a wonderful job, you great big loon, you!

PS: You ever notice that libs always accuse me of cherry picking these stories and say they’re not representative of the left, even though I keep turning them up, day in and day out, over and over, on wildly popular liberal blogs and forums?

Hat tip to The Corner for the story.

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