Jerome Corsi: “(Bush’s) Secret Agenda Is To Dissolve The United States Of America Into The North American Union”

So, back in May, I’m reading Human Events and I notice an article by Jerome Corsi of Swiftboat Veterans for Truth fame. It was called, North American Union to Replace USA?, and it was a hysterical overreaction to a run-of-the-mill report that talked about ways that America, Canada, and Mexico can increase our ties and cooperation.

Here’s the Corsi reaction to this very ordinary report:

“President Bush is pursuing a globalist agenda to create a North American Union, effectively erasing our borders with both Mexico and Canada. This was the hidden agenda behind the Bush administration’s true open borders policy….Why doesn’t President Bush just tell the truth? His secret agenda is to dissolve the United States of America into the North American Union.”

Now, at the time, I sort of rolled my eyes at how ridiculous Corsi’s column was, but didn’t bother to write about it. After all, if I wrote about every flaky column or post I ran across, I’d be writing 15 articles a day based on the posts from the The Huffington Post alone.

But, little did I know that Corsi’s column was to be the first in a series of similarly ludicrous articles by Corsi. Worse yet, the articles turned out to be very popular. Last week, 3 of the Top 10 most read articles at Human Events were part of the Corsi series. I’ve now gotten multiple emails from my readers asking me about things Corsi has written. Earlier this week, I turned on the radio, and Corsi was even being interviewed on the Michael Savage show.

Yet, Corsi’s series is complete nonsense from beginning to end.

For example, his second story in the series claims the American dollar is going to be replaced with the Amero. In it, he wrote this:

“If President Bush had run openly in 2004 on the proposition that a prime objective of his second term was to form the North American Union and to supplant the dollar with the “Amero,” we doubt very much that President Bush would have carried Ohio, let alone half of the Red State majority he needed to win re-election.”

What’s Corsi’s evidence for this silly assertion? A guy by the name of Robert Pastor “was a vice chairman of the CFR task force that produced the report ‘Building a North American Union.'” Well apparently, at some point, “Pastor has also called for the creation of a new currency which he has coined the “Amero,” a currency that is proposed to replace the U.S. dollar, the Canadian dollar, and the Mexican peso.”

So, the fact that Robert Pastor said that he’d like to see an Amero replace the dollar translates in Corsieese to the “prime objective of (Bush’s) second term was to form the North American Union and to supplant the dollar with the “Amero?” This is the sort of logic you expect to see from someone who claims the Illuminati rule the world, not from a conservative columnist.

In another column, Corsi claims that unless something is done, “the North American Union will become a reality in 2010 as planned.”

Really? So, President Bush, who will be leaving office in early 2009, will be unilaterally throwing out the Constitution and creating an American, Mexican, and Canadian Super State that would be almost universally opposed by the citizens of the United States? That would be a pretty neat trick to pull off, especially given that Bush can’t even arrange to put a group of terrorists in front of a military tribunal without having the Supreme Court get in his way.

Yet, this sort of basic logic seems to be alien to Corsi, who keeps popping out absurd column after column on this topic. He has even managed to write 3 columns about a “NAFTA Super Highway” running from Mexico to Canada. Come on! Who hears someone say, “Oh, they’re building a road,” and thinks, “It must be part of some sort of secret conspiracy!” It’s just a highway, Jerome, it’s just a highway.

Ironically, Corsi included these two paragraphs in his June 26, column, “Controversy Erupts Over NASCO and the NAFTA Super-Highway:”

Last Thursday in a radio interview with the 55KRC Morning Show in Cincinnati, Tiffany Melvin, executive director of North America’s SuperCorridor Coalition, told host Jerry Thomas that my June 12 Human Events article on NASCO was “absolutely inaccurate.”

Melvin declined to be interviewed for this article, stating in an e-mail her current priority was to answer the “accusations, bad information, and false assumptions” in the June 12 article. “After I have a chance to get my life back and return to a normal schedule, I will contact you,” she wrote. “In the meantime, I will continue to respond to the inquiries your erroneous reporting has caused.”

You know, those quotes from Tiffany Melvin are just about the only reliable and accurate pieces of information that Corsi has imparted to his readers in the last month and a half. Yet, because Corsi is spreading this rubbish far and wide, there is now actually a Nasco Myths Debunked fact sheet that looks like it was developed to specifically counter the things he has been saying.

Let’s cut to the chase here, folks: Corsi’s articles amount to a great big sack of nothing. There’s just no “there, there” to anything he’s saying. I mean this stuff is so ludicrous that the sort of people who believe that the Trilateral Commission secretly controls the whole world would look at it and go, “No, that’s just too far fetched.”

The President simply cannot arbitrarily combine the US with Mexico and Canada. Even if he could, Bush isn’t going to be in office in 2010. Do you think President George Allen or President Newt Gingrich is just going to walk into the Oval Office, see a plan on his desk that says, “US/Mexico/Canada Merger,” and go, “Well, it is on the desk, so I guess we’ll have to do it.” It would take a complete rewrite of the Constitution to make this work, which has absolutely no chance of happening.

All that Corsi has stumbled onto here are a few bureaucratic documents describing how we’re going to better cooperate with our neighbors on issues like trade and security, no different than you’d see anywhere else in the world where neighboring nations are trying to get along. It’s not frightening, it’s not scary, and it’s not going to lead to an “Amero” or a “Super State.” Take it from someone who has soundly thrashed George Bush’s position on immigration, who has defended the Swifties time and time again, and who also writes for Human Events: Corsi’s series of articles are completely and utterly without merit.

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