Amnesty, Card Check on Obama’s menu for second term

Now that Barack Obama’s effective campaign of personal destruction against Mitt Romney has succeeded his moderate mask is off like a prom dress. The days of change we can believe in will be replaced with fear and despair we can count on. The President is now free to be the transformational figure he has always seen himself to be. He will blow right through an inept, confused, and weakened Republican Congress like the big bad wolf did to the three little pigs. Barack Obama’s goal has always been the same and he is getting dangerously close to achieving it. That goal is to completely transform the United States of America.

The first thing on the President’s agenda is to pass Amnesty. His executive order earlier this year which granted partial Amnesty to the children of illegal aliens was just the appetizer.

There are an estimated 11 million illegal aliens living in the United States right now; or should I say 11 million new potential voters. The Democrats know if they grant these people full voting rights they will show their loyalty by voting Democrat. The demonization from the left towards Republicans on the immigration issue has created a political border fence around Republicans that most Hispanics do not or refuse to cross.

In the 2012 election the Democratic Party increased the Hispanic vote by 1.7 million. That may not seem like a huge number but it is. That is a little more than the entire population of the state of Idaho. No small potatoes. If the Democratic Party increased the Hispanic vote by 1.7million without Amnesty; how many more do you think they could increase their vote share by with Amnesty?

The numbers are staggering. Assuming that the Hispanic vote breaks 70-30 in favor of the Democrats they potentially could pick up another 7.7 million new voters. If this happens the Republican Party will become just another footnote in American History.

Some on the left argue that if these people were allowed to vote and become citizens that they would vote more for Republicans. This is about as ridiculous as saying if we appointed Bernie Madoff our Treasury Secretary somehow he would not try to steal from us. The left’s argument is that Hispanics in general are more conservative. It is true the Hispanic community does tend to be more pro-life, pro-family, and more religious; however it is naïve to think it would make a significant difference. This may be true but common sense says you dance with the one who brought you to the party; and these new voters will be dancing right into the Democrat Party. To think that these new voters would somehow automatically align themselves with the Republican Party is nothing short of political stupidity.

The second thing the President will do as payback to the unions for his reelection is to try and pass the insidiously named The Employee Free Choice Act also known as card check.

This deceptively named bill if passed would be the final nail in America’s coffin. The Employee Free Choice Act would eliminate one’s ability to vote by secret ballot. If a company or business wants to unionize now they vote by secret ballot. There is typically no coercion or influence from any outside group or member of the union. That would all change.

By removing the ability to vote by secret ballot you eliminate the employee’s right to free choice. A more appropriate name for this bill would be the Employees Forced Unionization Act because that’s exactly what it would evolve into. This diabolical bill would allow high ranking officials in charge of recruitment to strong arm and pressure workers into unionizing. The last thing this country needs is union thugs recruiting new members through the use of intimidation tactics.

America’s unions have been steadily losing their influence and power over the last 50 years. There was a time in the earlier part of the 20th Century when unions were more relevant and important; however that time is long gone. Unions now care more about collecting their dues than they do about protecting their worker’s rights.

If these two pieces of legislation were ever allowed to pass it would be the one-two punch that would put America down for the count. Once these new voters were granted Amnesty they would quickly be unionized faster than the ink could dry on the legislation. If this happens the country will never be the same.

These next four years are going to be some of the most tumultuous times in our nation’s history. Every single day we will have to fight for our freedoms like never before. My intention is not to be overly dramatic or fatalistic; however all of what I am warning my readers about is just around the corner. I made a promise not only to myself, but more importantly to my many readers that I would not sugar coat the important issues that can and will affect all of our lives regardless of political affiliation.

The truth is Barack Obama’s reelection has made many Americans including myself much more focused and driven. I have always considered myself to be a good watchdog. In Obama’s second term I will be a Pit Bull.

A majority in America and a minority in Congress can produce a majority in Congress. Once the President, the new Senate, and the new Congress takes over in January that is when the real battle begins. Unfortunately there will be many occasions in the very near future where the American people will need to remind our representatives who they work for. When that time comes you can bet I will be leading the charge. But I can’t do it alone and will need your help from time to time. It is for this reason that I will include the United States capitol switchboard number (202)224-3121, in some of my articles. Stick this one in your contacts list and keep it on speed dial, I’m afraid your going to need it.

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