How the GOP Should Act More Like the DNC

When I heard today that Harry Reid and the other looters in the Democrat party were going ahead with a public option in their “health care” plan, something became clear to me. There is a distinct difference between the Republican party and the Democrat party.

I know this isn’t an epiphany to some who might read that first sentence and mutter, “No kidding.” But how many times have you heard, or even thought, “There isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties.” Admit it, there are things the parties have in common and each are moving further and further to the left each day. (The GOP nominated John McCain for president, for crying out loud.)

But when Reid announced the public option being back in play, one glaring difference became apparent to me.

The Democrats put principle over party. The Republicans don’t.

If the Democrats succeed in passing this bill with a public option, it is probable some Blue Dog Democrats will lose come the next election. With some political analysts already predicting big losses for the Democrats in 2010, this shows how the left is willing to jettison a few of their own for their principles.

On the other hand, you have the GOP. Their attitude of party over principles is very clearly displayed in New York’s 23rd District where they funnel thousands of dollars to support a liberal Republican over a conservative. They have to understand that if Dede Scozzafava gets into office, she will vote against the main positions of the party and its base. They don’t care. For them, it’s all about getting Republicans in office, regardless of their principles.

Democrats are willing to lose elections as long as their agenda is forwarded, but the establishment GOP fights to elect Republicans who will consistently vote against theirs. To the GOP, it’s all about numbers, not principles.

That’s an area where I would prefer the GOP acted more like the DNC.

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