An Early Reaction To The London Bombings From A Lefty Blog

I just heard the short statement by Tony Blair trying to condemn the terrorists for hitting London at the time the G8 is meeting at Gleneagles, in Scotland.

Tony Blair is a liar, but his statement showed he is also a fool.

When he entertains his master, pResident Bush, what does he expect – that the terrorists will leave those who are killing indiscriminately in Afghaniustan and Iraq alone.

If Bush and Blair want peace for their citizens and their country, they had better stop killing innocent civilians in those countries. The terrorists are only following the “values” of these war criminals.

…Is this a Rovian / Negroponte tactic to take the heat of the Downing Street Memos and the outing of Valerie Plame?

Our hearts go out to the innocents in Afghanistan, Iraq and England – but hold the correct people to blame – Bush and Blair, to account for this – NO ONE ELSE!!” — Jacob’s Politics

Yes, we certainly wouldn’t want to blame the terrorists for the terrorist attacks….

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