An Early Reaction To The London Bombings From Some People At The Democratic Underground

whatever4: “Oh yes. This surely takes public attention away from Rove. Anyone that can’t see that is either a fool or lying; this will be the news for days. Inbetween stories of Martha Steward and baby tigers with heart defects. This will certainly distract many people. And every little distraction helps the neocon monsters.

People, they still amuse me. They balk, fairly well lose their cookies, over the idea that our own government might have had ANYTHING to do with 911. They laugh loudly about conspiracy theories. Yet they fly immediately to the notion that it was a foreign “conspiracy” with ease.

And our government looking as corrupt as any on the planet. With the most resources. NO, they could never have had a hand it that. NO, they would never bomb another nation to reach their political ideals.

No, they’d never use napalm. Never torture prisoners. Never, never, never And NO, this particular conspiracy of bombings in England couldn’t possibly have ANYTHING to do with the politics in America, never happen.

Funny. We do so much oil business with the Saudis, and yet still, people don’t think our people could have had anything to do with 911. So sad.

Yeah, this will distract from Rove, in a big way.”

China_cat: “It seems to me that this is retaliation for the DSM. Or for London getting the Olympics when Paris really wanted it. Sorry, but the *sshole is in Scotland and who knows what specialties are included in his entourage.”

greenbriar: “so much for Rove indictment….bush crime family strikes again how convenient for shrub and company. I am more of a believer that MIHOP is true now”

pokercat999: “Exactly. The enemy in this “war” has no F-15 or bunker buster bombs so they use what is at hand. The fact that they can infiltrate and attack at will should give us pause. As I see it we have two choices in this business. We can try to find a peaceful solution to our “problems” or we can kill them all…and I mean all. Anything in the middle will just serve to continue the violence and perpetuate the “war”, which maybe just what a lot of our “leaders” want. Certainly a large part of the industrial-political complex reaps huge rewards from these actions. My suggestion is to turn the other cheek, end all combat operations world wide and start to do what ever is necessary to bring peace to the world. Instead of flooding the world with bombs I suggest we flood the world with food. Peace, by whatever means necessary.”

Warren Stupidity: Is what we are doing terrorism? I reject any assertion that we have the moral high ground here. We might have held that position on 9/12/2001 but we have long since demonstrated that we are just as depraved as the jihadist suicide bombers, just as willing to kill civilians, just as willing to cause wanton destruction to advance our cause, and to do so all the while claiming that God is on our side. I see no major differences.

MetaTrope: Bush hightail it out of the UK? Then he wouldn’t have a chance to enjoy the carnage he financed…

Cascadian: That was not meant to be insensitive. This is something you would not wish on anybody. My point is I hope this is not the start of something bigger. Give Bush an excuse to turn America into a full-on dictatorship. Bush, Cheney, and Rove know they are in deep trouble. What better way to stay in power than create chaos. I don’t like the feel of this one bit!

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