An Exclusive Mini-Interview With Mimi Miyagi

Yesterday, I got together with Mimi Miyagi, a former porn star running for Governor of Nevada as a Republican. Her campaign is quite a ways back in the polls at the moment, but I thought she’d still be a fun interview — and she was! What you’ll find below is an edited transcript of our conversation. Enjoy!

John Hawkins: When did you start getting into politics and what drew you to the Republican Party?

Mimi Miyagi: I am an avid supporter of bearing arms since 2001….I love the people in the (Republican Party). I have been to some of the Democratic parties here and there, but the positivity, the upbeat attitude of the Republicans was more for me.

John Hawkins: So, you kind of thought the Democrats were pessimistic and negative?

Mimi Miyagi: …I don’t like all the mudslinging and a lot of the things they say about the Republicans really (aren’t) true. The Republican Party is about individualism, it’s about freedom, it’s about lowering taxes. That is something I truly believe in.

John Hawkins: In your interview with Philippine news online, you said that, “The Republican Party has embraced me. I’ve been involved with them since 2004, you know, in the grassroots campaign for Bush.”

Have you gone to Republican Party events and if so, what kind of reaction do you get there?

Mimi Miyagi: Well, when I was going to them in 2004, nobody knew what I did as a profession. I didn’t want to make it a hindrance to the campaign…and I didn’t want people to act differently towards me. I felt that I was there for a purpose, …to help out as a volunteer, so I needed to stay on the outskirts. …I just didn’t reveal it, it didn’t make sense to…

John Hawkins: …Well, it’s out in the open now and I noticed on your page, you said you’re getting a lot of support from the Clark County Republican Party.

Mimi Miyagi: Actually, they threw me my first fundraiser last Friday night…It really, truly shows the support of the Republican officials that came to my party and the other candidates that were there to support me. I am going to support them, too.

John Hawkins: Now, what made you decide to run for governor of Nevada?

Mimi Miyagi: Originally, I wanted to run for a local office, which was mayor. …Many of my friends and my advisers encouraged me…to shoot for the stars and run for governor.

John Hawkins: I know you’re a little behind in the polls for governor. If you don’t win election as Governor, does that mean you may try to run as mayor in a later election?

Mimi Miyagi: Yes! I truly enjoy the whole political arena. It is so much fun and people have given me such an upbeat response to my campaign…

John Hawkins: Mary Carey, another porn star who ran for governor of California, was also a Republican. Is that common in the porn industry? Are a lot of porn stars Republicans?

Mimi Miyagi: …The Republican Party is about individualism and people who support free speech…it only makes sense to fall into that Party.

…The adult industry is a growing enterprise on its own and the GOP, …they state that free enterprise is something that they support.

John Hawkins: Yeah, that makes sense…so there are a lot of other Republican porn stars or maybe they’re not all that into politics one way or the other?

Mimi Miyagi: There are a few, (but) I think a lot of them don’t get too involved with politics because they’re so busy shooting, making movies, and whatnot. There (are) a few of us that are highly political activists…

John Hawkins: What lessons did you learn doing porn and stripping that you’ve applied to politics or think that other politicians could apply to politics?

Mimi Miyagi: …The adult industry relies heavily on technology. Going forward from magazines to the internet…and (politicians) can certainly take a lot of lessons from the entertainment field by…technologically advancing their campaigns.

John Hawkins: One last question: tell me who’d you’d like to see as president in 2008?

Mimi Miyagi: Giuliani! I love Rudi. You know, that man has changed New York City so dramatically and I applaud him…for that. Being able to transform an area that was so high in crime to what it is today, is amazing.

John Hawkins: Well, that’s it. I really appreciate your time!

You can see Mimi Miyagi’s campaign website here.

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